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AV receiver is the heart and brain of your home theatre system. Without it you will not be able to link such a bunch of devices. If you face the challenge to select the best 7 channel power amplifiers suitable for your budget and room specifications, it may be complicated to find a balance between the necessary functions and extra tricks of marketers.

How to make this challenge easier and more pleasant? We are always here to help you. Continue reading this article and find out the answers to all your questions and requirements.

Editor’s Choice

In this overview, we have prepared top 5 of the best 7 channel amplifiers to your attention. Each of them can become an incredible choice and provide you with maximum of quality and reliability. This list includes devices by the leading brands in the field like Yamaha, Denon, and Sony.

Dimensions (inches)
Weight (pounds)
Yamaha RX-V675
Yamaha RX V675Outstanding reliability and suitability
14.4 x 17.1 x 6.8
Yamaha TSR-5790BL
Yamaha TSR 5790BLEnormous control and adjustment opportunities
17 x 12 x 6
Denon AVR-789 630-Watt
Denon AVR 789High compatibility
17.5 x 14.8 x 6.8
Sony STRZA2000ES
Sony STRZA2000ESGreat to use with numerous Sony products
21.4 x 20 x 11.5
Yamaha HTR-5860 XM-Ready
Yamaha HTR 5860 7 channelIncredible sound at the affordable price
17 x 17 x 7

Before We Start: Why to Give Your Preference to 7 Channel SolutionsAre your ready to get acquainted with the peculiarities of these models? Here we go!

When choosing a qualitative AV receiver, many consumers face difficulties. First of all, they do not know which number of channels will be preferable in their particular case. Overall, on the market you can find solutions with five, seven, nine, and eleven channels. The first thought may be: the more channels the product has, the better it is. However, if it was so simple, life would not be so interesting. Sometimes less means better quality and productivity.

Recently, 5.1 channels have been spread enough and beloved. With the passing of time and the advent of Blu-ray discs, the situation has changed significantly. New technologies have opened the way to popularity for 7 channel amps. These devices are definitely the best choice for people who want to contribute to their home theatre system.

The First Finding: Yamaha RX-V675 7.2 Channel Network AV Receiver with Airplay

Yamaha RX V675One of the features we can’t but mention is the Scenes button. With a single click, you can turn your device on. Forget about long operation sessions! You can easily find these tools on the device itself (namely, its front panel), on the special controller application, and, of course, on the remote control (its middle part). Such location contributes a lot to the general ease of the device’s use. For the newcomers, this is unbeatable lead.

For instance, you are fond of sports and want to watch a basketball game on your TV. With your old equipment, far more than three clicks prevent you from cozy sitting and relaxing the show. Using this best 7 channel amp, you have a great opportunity to operate the system fast and without the obligatory standing close to it (as with some less advanced equipment).

Moreover, Yamaha RX-V675 7.3 is an outstanding device in terms of its customization capabilities. Have you ever thought that even perfect equipment can do nothing if it is not matched correctly to the other elements of the system? We are sure you have. However, with this powerful device, it is not the case at all. On the one hand, it is suitable for use in pair with lots of devices due to its progressive toolbar and inputs set. On the other hand, the Airplay function allows you to listen to your favorite hits wirelessly. Computers, tablets, phones — Yamaha is able to work with any of them. The icing on the cake is that this equipment is compatible with numerous music formats.

Tuning your audio system has never been easier. Why? Apart from the already mentioned peculiarities, this AV receiver can help you optimize the performance of the audio system to the acoustics of your listening room.

It only takes a couple of minutes, and, best of all, it is easy to do. You can achieve incredible results with the YPAO operation. With it, the receiver will generate test tones and sound patterns to check speaker connection and phase, speaker size, distance, sound pressure level, and frequency characteristics. With this data, you will have a tech toy in hands to make adjustments to the room’s acoustics.

Note if you are using a subwoofer, you have to turn it on and set its volume control to half, and if it has a crossover control, set that to the max. Please, display the microphone at your sitting position, ideally, at your ear-height. If you have access to the camera tripod, use it for more accurate results.

The sound reflected from surfaces like furniture or walls can cause negative effects on sound reproduction. The equipment’s control ability increases clarity by reducing muddy auto fax. YPAO ensures that you get the absolute maximum of sound performance.

The only drawback of this receiver model is its price. It is a lot more expensive than many other alternatives on the market. On the contrary, it is as much more qualitative and productive than its numerous competitors.

All in all, listening to Yamaha RX-V675 7.2, playing through a good set of speakers in a room with excellent acoustics, can produce breathtaking experience.

  • Advanced functionality
  • Airplay function
  • Compatibility to a lot of audio formats
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Pricey solution

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The Second Finding: Yamaha TSR-5790BL 7 Channel AV Receiver

Yamaha TSR 5790BLA great candidate to become your favorite solution is one more product designed by Yamaha. This multi-channel receiver will definitely impress you with its outstanding functionality and remarkable operation.

To start with, we would like to highlight its super ability — Object-Based Surround Sound. This amazing music advancement projects individual sounds to different places in the listening area. Therefore, it sends audio around the room and creates an incredibly authentic listening experience. For instance, the helicopter on TV screen really sounds like it is thundering over your head. The buzz of a bumblebee may make you duck. Overall, the two most popular object-based surround sound technologies — DTSx and Dolby Atmos — come together in this best 7 channel amplifier.

What is breathtaking about this device is its MusicCast. Due to this application, you can easily access your music library and streaming music devices. This feature supports Spotify, Pandora, Rhapsody, and other your favorite services.

Exclusive to Yamaha, this function networks all your music, enabled wireless speakers and AV components together. Thus, it makes sound shareable anywhere. Even within 9 different rooms. It is the feature worth noting, isn’t it?

This equipment also possesses a unique feature of compatibility with Alexa. Thank to this voice control device, you can not only simplify the operation significantly. Besides, it becomes as easy as ABC to impress your relatives or friends with your Yamaha investment.

All in all, Yamaha TSR-5790BL envelops you in sounds so realistic, that when you close your eyes, you feel transported to a live music concert or to the front-row at a performance of the world-renowned orchestra.

  • Enormous compatibility with several devices and streaming services
  • The MusicCast application
  • The ability to perform voice control (with the help of Alexa)
  • Some mechanical issues can occur (like automatic switching to another mode)

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The Third Finding: Denon AVR-789 630-Watt 7.1 Channel Home Theater Receiver

Denon AVR 789It will not be an exaggeration to say that an amplifier is the heart of your audio system. Without it, speakers and subwoofers will not work correctly and qualitatively. Literally speaking, such a device steers your system. Overall, Denon AVR-789 is a wonderful solution to go for.

This best 7 channel amp offers 90 watts per channel. Even though it is not as powerful as other equipment, it produces what stated and even more. Besides, this receiver gives a good power to value ratio. That means you can get a lot of power for not a ton of money. Compared to other solutions by Denon, this one somewhat lacks a few professional features available in the more advanced models. However, the overall unique functionality is present here as well.

For instance, this equipment is able to handle low resistant speakers. Another thing that you may wish to consider – especially if you are a home-theatre person – is the easy switching of sources. The product by Denon offers three HDMI inputs. This enables you to connect the amplifier to the sources like a Blu-ray player and a turntable.

Note if you have incentives to add a turntable to your system, look for one that does have a phono input.

Moreover, you can adjust this amp in numerous ways. A great function to mention is the device’s Personal Memory Plus. With its help, you are able to save customer modes, previously used settings for your speakers, etc. To activate this function, you need to push just a single button. The receiver will automatically activate preset customizations.

What is also great about this model is its compatibility with XM Satellite Radio. Thus, you will achieve more upgraded features than average radio amps can provide.

The other reason to choose this device is its connectivity. With this model, you can hook up a bunch of speakers (namely, up to seven). Even if you do not need to use this ability to the full extent right now, it provides a lot of space for creativity and expanding your audio system in the future.

All in all, this Denon AVR-789 will be the best match for a person who loves to spend time watching movies and listening to music at home. Enjoy!

  • Operation and installation are a snap
  • Enormous connectivity
  • Compatibility with many audio formats
  • Relatively low amount of HDMI inputs
  • User interface system needs to be improved

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The Fourth Finding: Sony STRZA2000ES 7.2-Channel 4K AV Receiver

Sony STRZA2000ESThis amazing equipment is designed for anyone who wants incredible sound quality in their house with a full channel system. It is a 7.2 AV receiver. The system supports a minimum of 100 watts RMS power. However, this power is also achieved through the pretty huge chassis of the device. That is why you need to bear this in mind before choosing Sony STRZA2000ES.

If the size does not matter, then this product is definitely what you are looking for. It is equipped with 6 HDMI inputs and 2 outputs. The latter elements support HDCP 2.2. So you can get full 4k support in two different rooms.

To prove this model is designed considering audio peculiarities, check out the next device’s characteristics. Things like the rigid beam construction, the scrutinization of screw points within the device are performed to make the product sound great. Even the solder used is exceptional. The manufacturer has sourced it out taking into consideration the sound purity to achieve the best production quality. And of course, this solution is backed by Sony 5-years ES warranty. So even if you are unsatisfied with this best 7 channel home theatre amplifier, you are welcome to solve the occurring issues.

The manufacturer has also taken heed to get the most amazing sound quality for numerous cases. Among some other important features, the manufacturer has achieved one of the minimum total harmonic distortion rates possible. It is less than 0.09% and contributes a lot to the mellifluous melody performing.

The unique feature for Sony is BRAVIA Sync. What does it provide you with? Due to this option, you can make your AV receiver communicate with other products by this manufacturer. Easy connection and voila — enjoy watching TVs, different DVD, and Blu-ray players, etc.

All in all, if you want a great audio and connectivity experience, just do not waste time and choose Sony STRZA2000ES. This device can easily become the perfect center to your automated home entertainment universe.

  • Great power per channel
  • Outstanding sounding
  • Amazing connectivity, including the Bravia Sync function
  • Designed for professional installation
  • Non-compact design
  • No Airplay function or any similar one
  • Premium price tag

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The Fifth Finding: Yamaha HTR-5860 XM-Ready 7.1-Channel A/V Surround Receiver

Yamaha HTR 5860 7.1 channelYamaha HTR-5860 is a mid-priced product. It loads up on several useful features and sounds great. First of all, this device produces 95 watts RMS power per channel and provides customers with the ability to adjust the sound from 20 to 20 thousand Hertz.

This best 7 channel power amplifier can boast of its functionality. It possesses the built-in Dolby Digital. With this feature, the manufacturer achieves better sound quality. Besides, the Yamaha product can please you with fourteen surround programs. They will help you ensure the clearness and purity of the signal and improve the overall functioning of the receiver.

To continue this list of advantages, we would like to mention the special manufacturer’s technology. It is known as Silent Cinema. This function provides dynamic surround sound through your headphones. It is exactly what you need when you do not want to disturb someone listening to music or watching shows late at night.

Of course, as any Yamaha product, this one also has YPAO. Without a doubt, it plays an important role in home theatre configurations. This technology simplifies setting up a home theatre. It also analyzes the room’s acoustics automatically. Besides, this feature allows setting the parameters for optimal sound quality at a certain listening position. One more bonus — the entire setup process takes less than three minutes.

Please, note that this device has some significant drawbacks. For instance, this solution does not have HDMI inputs. In this perspective, it lags behind the previous models from our top-5 best 7 channel amplifiers. However, you can solve this issue fast and smoothly by purchasing the HDMI extension port.

All in all, this product is one more qualitative AV receiver from Yamaha. If you aim to achieve great quality at an affordable price, then choosing this option will be a reasonable decision. Even if purchasing additional equipment, it may still be far cheaper than the sum to spend on alternatives in the industry.

  • Fourteen surround sound programs
  • Silent Cinema
  • Ability to adjust the acoustics of a room (YPAO)
  • High compatibility with other devices
  • Remote control
  • No HDMI inputs
  • Heavy-weight product
  • Overrated power of the internal fuses
  • Front panel is not really convenient in use
  • Issues with overheat may occur

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Buyer’s Guide

Power and Volume

Choosing any device, first of all, it is important to know how powerful it is in order not to overload your system. And secondly, to find a perfect match for it, of course. Easy calculations will help you select an amplifier to achieve a power reserve as a result. Pay attention the receiver should be more productive in this perspective than the speakers of the system. The more power a receiver has, the more energy can be output. In turn, this creates better frequency response, accuracy, and sound performance.

Note, a home theatre subwoofer is a separate active speaker with its own amplifier, so its power should not be taken into account (of course, if you choose the active models with the built-in amps).

Distortion and Sound Quality

The THD parameter will definitely indicate how pure the sound of the AV receiver is. The manufacturers mention this criterion in the supporting documentation to their production, so it will not be difficult to find that out. Overall, the less this figure is, the better sound you can achieve as a result.

Acoustic Correction

If you want to hit a triple, choose the models allowing you to adjust your home theatre system to the acoustics peculiarities of the particular room. Unfortunately, housebuilders often do not follow this parameter, and the apartment’s acoustics can leave much to be desired. That is why you should take care of it on your own. The models with such a function allow you to provide acoustics correction either automatically with the use of a special microphone, or manually, entering information about the speaker system, their location, as well as setting the necessary equalization and volume level for each speaker.


Looking at the solution’s connectivity, you are to find out what you can plug into this AV receiver and if it has as many inputs and outputs as necessary. If you are running all HDMI like digital sources with 4k and HDR, you need to make sure that all those ports on the device’s back plate can support 4k with HDCP 2.2.

What other inputs do you need? Do you have a turntable? Do you need something that has Dolby Vision compatibility? That are another things to consider as well.

Not only will you want to connect all of your home theatre components to your AV receiver, but what is really cool is connecting your portable devices without any wires at all. Modern receivers can have built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Airplay analogs to perform this option.

Multiple Zones

Of course, this parameter is not a compulsory element for all AV receivers. However, some consumers may demand the ability to play music in another room. In this case, the equipment is located in one (main) room, but you are able to listen to the music and control the AV receiver from another place in the house. Besides, this function allows others to enjoy completely different sound elsewhere in the house at the same time. For instance, you want to listen to rock music, but your parents – classical. With multiple zones function, it is unchallenging. If you want zone 2 or 3, you need to consider this option choosing your dream device.


1. What is the difference between amplifiers and AV receivers?

Of course, these terms can be used as synonyms. But they are not absolute. An amplifier, as the term suggests, is a device used to amplify an incoming signal to drive the speaker output. In turn, the receiver is a device that accepts multiple sources, maintains the routing, and even amplifies the signal for speaker connectivity. Overall, these products make a somewhat similar job. But receivers are more powerful and designed for home use. In turn, amplifiers are a great option to improve your vehicle’s stereo system.

2. Are AV receivers better than separates?

Overall, AV receivers are all-in-one box doing the entire job, while separates are basically two or more boxes where one has just a process and the tuner, and the other would be an amplifier itself. One of the pros of the receivers is that they are typically less expensive. Besides, a new feature for them comes out more often. Whereas with a separate processor, you can wait for upgrade for five or six years.

3. What is the difference between 5.1 and 7.2 receivers?

The main difference lies in the number of components you can connect to your receiver. The first part represents the number of different channels that a receiver can output to. The 0.1 represents the low frequency channel. For instance, a 5.1 receiver can send signals up to five speakers, plus a subwoofer. And a 7.2 device can drive up to seven speakers with two subwoofers correspondingly.

4. How to setup the receiver?

One the one hand, this is a tough question to answer. You can talk about it day and night, and still you will have something to discuss. Each of the receivers may have its own peculiarities. So, do not be afraid to follow the instructions provided in the manuals by manufacturers.

5. What is upconversion and upscaling?

These are some specific video features. Together, they improve the image quality of analog connected devices to near HD. Analog connected device signals are converted to digital and output via HDMI, making one-cable connection from the receiver to the HDMI-enabled TV possible.


All in all, it is not a surprise that people prefer to have only high-qualitative devices. Besides, it would be great to select reliable solutions keeping in mind their prices and what a nice investment they are going to be.

For the home-birds and all people who have a burning desire to create their private cinema at home, there is no such a question whether they should buy an amplifier or not. To make our contribution to the history of choice-making the best product possible, we have compiled our top 5 of the best 7 channel home theatre amplifiers.

The presented models belong to the mid-price category mostly, but all of them possess power and solidity in beautiful ergonomic chassis. Want to find out how amazing the sound could be? Just go for one of our recommendations, and you will unlock the door to the world of technique connoisseurs. Enjoy!

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