Without a doubt, it doesn’t matter whether you are an amateur or a professional guitar player, you will certainly like to improve your skills and sound achieved. One of the easiest and most productive ways to do so is to consider purchasing a matching amplifier.

Want to select your soulmate-device but have no idea where to start? No need to panic. Just keep on reading this article and find out the promising tips and recommendations to conquer this challenge.

Ready, steady, go!

Editor’s Choice: Quick Comparison

Special Feature
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Monoprice 611815 15Watt 1x12 Guitar Combo Tube Amplifier
Monoprice 611815 15Watt 1x12 Guitar Combo Tube AmplifierOne-year limited warranty16.8 x 9.2 x 17.131.6***Frontrunner

Hartke HD15 Bass Combo Amplifier
Hartke HD15 Bass Combo AmplifierPatented HyDrive speakers15.5 x 11 x 14.515.43***Runner-up

Bugera BC15 15-Watt Vintage Guitar Amp
Bugera BC15 15-Watt Vintage Guitar AmpTwo-band equalizer12.7 x 6.4 x 14.113.23***Bronze medal

Fender Pro Junior IV 15 Watt Electric Guitar Amplifier
Fender Pro Junior IV 15 Watt Electric Guitar AmplifierRevoiced overdrive circuit17 x 17 x 1020*

Fender ’65 Princeton Reverb 15-Watt 1x10-Inche Guitar Combo Amp
Fender ’65 Princeton Reverb 15-Watt 1x10-Inche Guitar Combo AmpOutstanding tube vibrato28.2 x 22.5 x 12.240.1*

Bugera V5 Class A Amplifier
Bugera V5 Class A AmplifierBritish engineered TURBOSOUND speaker13.9 x 8.6 x 1422.1**

Peavey MAX 126 Bass Amp Combo
Peavey MAX 126 Bass Amp ComboTransTube gain boost12.8 x 8.2 x 12.312.4**

Ibanez TSA15 1x12 15-Watt All-Tube Combo Guitar Amplifier
Ibanez TSA15 1x12 15-Watt All-Tube Combo Guitar AmplifierGreat controls system17 x 9 x 1733**

Orange Amplifiers OR Series OR15H 15W Compact Tube Guitar Amp Head
Orange Amplifiers OR Series OR15H 15W Compact Tube Guitar Amp HeadCompact design7.9 x 7.9 x 15.819**

Archer GA15TWEED Guitar Amplifier
Archer GA15TWEED Guitar AmplifierOverdrive channel14 x 14 x 98.27***

Reviews Section

1. Monoprice 611815 15Watt 1×12 Guitar Combo Tube Amplifier

Monoprice 611815 15Watt 1x12 Guitar Combo Tube AmplifierThis best 15 watt guitar amp is a great combination of style and excellent performance. On the top of that, the price is pretty pleasant, so the device will be a nice option for numerous customers, regardless of the fact whether they play guitar professionally or as a hobby.

With this unit, you will be able to adjust the sound in multiple ways. The model includes three 12AX7 and two EL84 tubes. The first elements function to drive reverb and preamp of the machine, while the second ones are aimed at punch delivering.

With a built-in spring reverb, a musician can add airiness and spaciousness to the sound produced. Besides, customizing opportunities are increased significantly due to the device’s FX loop.

A leather handle is a distinguishing feature in this case. It simplifies transportation enormously. The product can boast of its marvelous design: a synthetic leather interior is accompanied by black finish speaker and chrome corner guards. This cream-colored item will match any location.

The level of harmonic distortion is much less than 1%. That means the sound achieved will be deep and clean. With a range of frequencies from eighty Hertz to ten thousand Hertz, different types of music will be pleasant to listen to.

The manufacturer offers a one-year limited warranty for their production. If there are any issues with the item received, you can use this offer’s advantage, get detailed assistance or replace a unit for a better one. Moreover, you can return your money back if the quality of an amplifier is far from being delightful and satisfactory. This offer is valid within the first thirty days after the order is delivered.

Excellent performance, affordable price, reactive and proactive manufacturer — what else is needed when it comes to the choice of reliable equipment?

  1. This is the only product on the list which is Amazon’s Choice item as well.
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Manufacturer’s warranty
  • Solid construction
  • Stylish design
  • Affordable price
  • It is pretty heavyweight
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2. Hartke HD15 Bass Combo Amplifier

Hartke HD15 Bass Combo AmplifierThis product is capable of producing fifteen watts. Without a doubt, the Hartke device is pretty powerful to run numerous guitar models. However, this model is designed to suit the needs of bass equipment.

The manufacturer has engineered the model to be top-mounted. Besides, the use of solid and somewhat sturdy materials is a great durability sign. The model distinguishes with its lightweightness and compact size. In this perspective, the transportation properties it offers are absolutely gorgeous.

The controls are pretty varied. This model enables consumers to adjust the sound, mid, treble, bass, and volume. The manufacturer has also equipped the machine with 1/4-inch input for passive and active bass musical equipment. With ¼-inch headphone output, you can completely forget about disturbing your family members or neighbors. This element makes this device perfect for newcomers, since it provides absolutely private practice. On the top of that, the unit has a 1/8-inch stereo input. Consumers are welcome to use it to connect drum machines, MP3 players, or other devices to achieve more efficiency.

The manufacturer’s HyDrive technology makes its speaker system unique. It is a hybrid and is carefully crafted of paper and aluminum.

All in all, this best 15w tube amp differentiates with its versatility, compatibility, affordability, and a lot of other so-called ability-words. Don’t hesitate to give it a try and improve your hands-on guitar experience!

  • Versatile
  • Input and output system
  • Control system
  • Excellent sound
  • There may be issues with packaging
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3. Bugera BC15 15-Watt Vintage Guitar Amp

Bugera BC15 15-Watt Vintage Guitar AmpThe model has got a 12AX7 tube on the front end. The 8-inch speaker is built inside. The amp is rated at fifteen watts, and the speaker — at thirty watts. That means you will never blow the speaker or have any issues with that either. Across the top panel, you have a gain knob and a gain switch. In simple words, you will need this to change the channels from a clean to a dirty one. Besides, customers will be able to adjust bass and treble. There is also a mid-range shift. If you put it on a high-gain mode, you will be able to achieve decent sound suitable for studio recording.

This dual-channel amplifier can boast of its ¼-inch TRS jack. If you are a beginner or an amateur, you will deeply appreciate this element. With its help, you are able to play pre-recorded songs and master your skills. This jack is suitable for connecting external playback equipment like MP3 or CD players. Private practice is also available due to a built-in headphone jack.

For the price, it is one of the most beneficial models on the current market.

  • Compatibility
  • Versatility
  • Affordability
  • Great sound
  • Multi Optional
  • Not all-in-one kit
  • Basic adjustments only
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4. Fender Pro Junior IV 15 Watt Electric Guitar Amplifier

Vintage is likely to be popular at all times. This item is designed keeping the best style traditions. With its lacquered tweed covering, the model can suit literally any environment, regardless of its design peculiarities. Besides, such gorgeous covering is accompanied with metal details to add sturdiness and extra brightness to the unit.

A few models possess a handle to carry the unit. This one does, so it is pretty convenient in terms of touring and transportation.

Among the distinguishing features, it is worth highlighting its modified volume circuit. With its help, a lot of sound effects can be achieved with ease. Linear breakup will be a nice tone of your music performance. Moreover, the bass clarity is possible due to revoiced overdrive circuit.

On the one hand, the Fender model differentiates with several beneficial features to please any customer. On the other hand, the price tag is pretty high, and you can find alternatives at more affordable cost level. At the same time, the reputable brand is one of those things that promotes excellent quality of each item received.

  • Awesome sound
  • Special circuit system
  • Gorgeous vintage design
  • No built-in headphone
  • No switchfoot included
  • There may be issues with tubes durability
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5. Fender ’65 Princeton Reverb 15-Watt 1×10-Inch Guitar Combo Amp

Fender ’65 Princeton Reverb 15-Watt 1x10-Inche Guitar Combo AmpAn authentic all-tube reproduction of the classic original, this product offers fifteen watts through a 1×10-inch Jensen special design speaker. It is a single-channel device which possesses two inputs, reverb, and vibrato effects with an included footswitch and control knobs for treble, reverb, bass, speed, and intensity. These features are distinguishing and absent in several other models on the market.

The use of highly-durable and qualitative materials make this solution a marvelous selection in terms of its prolonged operation. The Fender Princeton amplifier features a tough and solid vinyl. Besides, the manufacturer ships the item in a vinyl dust cover.

This machine is equipped with a forty-watt speaker. The latter possesses a ceramic magnet for more sensitivity.

Even though this model possesses a lot of unique features, it may be not the best option for numerous users. Why? Unfortunately, high quality determines up-market prices, and that is the case. Taking into consideration affordability-parameter of choice, the Fender machine won’t fit the budget opportunities of several consumers.

All in all, this best 15 watt tube amp combo is pretty powerful and may help you perform the craziest music experiments.

  • Excellent controls
  • Outstanding performance
  • Compatible with numerous devices
  • Up-market price tag
  • Not-compact sizes
  • Super heavyweight
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6. Bugera V5 Class A Amplifier

One of the first features to discuss is the fact that this best amplifier is hand-built. The use of durable materials is a perfect guarantee-sign that the machine is going to last forever and ever more.

It is a pretty solid representative of its class. The model features awesome EQ controls. On the front panel, you will find gain, tone, volume, and reverb knobs which you can adjust from zero and up to ten. In this perspective, numerous guitars will sound excellent. If there are some issues, you can control the sound and adjust it to desirable results.

Belonging to class A amplifiers, this one is driven by one tube of EL84 type. A distinguishing feature about it is a special manufacturer’s INFINUM technology. In simple words, its aim is to prolong the device’s durability and make it withstand several outer influences with dignity.

The design is pretty classical for such product type. A lot of producers give their preference to ‘60s-style, and Bugera is not an exception in this case.

Moreover, the model can boast of its 12AX7 tube. Such a well-thought-out combination of details enables musicians to play various hits of different genres — from crunch to blues.

  • Reverb attenuator
  • INFINUM technology
  • Hand-built engineering
  • Stylish retro design
  • Pretty heavyweight
  • There are issues with manufacturer’s customer service
  • Not all-in-one kit
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7. Peavey MAX 126 Bass Amp Combo

Peavey MAX 126 Bass Amp ComboIf you are looking for an amplifier for small rehearsals, this machine is definitely a rocking choice. Even though it has a pretty compact size, it is capable of producing enough power to drive several guitar models.

With its 6.5-inch speaker, the model ensures customers will achieve loud and clean sound. Besides, the model features a selectable gain control. The patented TransTube circuitry is a powerful contribution to the overall product’s quality. With solid in performance EQ modes, you can adjust the sound to be Bright, Mid-Shift, and Punch.

Without taxing the item’s speaker, a built-in psycho-acoustic enhancement of low-end class enables customers to work with different frequencies.

Another feature to boast of is a chromatic tuner. With the help of headphone output, you will enjoy your favorite occupation without disturbing the surrounding with loud sounds late at night, for instance.

The machine of Peavey Max Series can boast of its special speaker-protection technology, so the item is designed to resist long play sessions with a stable performance level.

If you are looking for an awesome amplifier to produce bass at a decent level, this machine may be your number-one selection.

  • Excellent bass performance
  • Great EQ section
  • Low-end enhancement element
  • Nice finish
  • There may be issues with the item’s installation
  • There may be problems with product’s shipping
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8. Ibanez TSA15 1×12 15-Watt All-Tube Combo Guitar Amplifier

Ibanez TSA15 1x12 15-Watt All-Tube Combo Guitar AmplifierCompared to other machines on the list, this one is definitely something in between: it is far from the biggest and the most expensive products in our top. However, it doesn’t mean either it has nothing to boast of. First of all, this item differentiates with its versatility. With its help, you can easily drive middle-sized and large-sized venues.

One of the greatest features about this item is its gorgeous control system. Its special designed circuitry includes elements that allow you to adjust tone, volume, and overdrive to your needs. Apart from passable Tube Screamer, the device possesses a 6dB boost which is convenient in operation. Since it is switchable, customers can level up the system and turn out a preamp section to be high-end gear.

Overall, it is pretty simple in use. On the back panel, there is a special switch which enables consumers to change the operation modes from 15W to 5W, depending on the equipment to be installed.

Unfortunately, footswitch is not included in the kit. If you decide to purchase this product by Ibanez, you will be able to use the advantages of toggling some functional elements like boost and Tube Screamer literally on the fly.

  • Clean sound
  • Built-in Tube Screamer
  • Great controls
  • Possible issues with overheating
  • Pretty pricey
  • Pretty heavyweight
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9. Orange Amplifiers OR Series OR15H 15W Compact Tube Guitar Amp Head

The model has three ECC83 preamp tubes and two EL84 power tubes putting out fifteen watts. The controls are simple and pay respect to the vintage orange amps by showing only pictograms to represent the control functions on the knobs. The first detail is to control your master volume. Then you have the traditional orange passive EQs, while the last is to adjust your gain.

The performance at mid volumes is great. However, if you like a great loud sound, this machine may also come in handy. One important thing about this compact model is that it can resist pretty long-term playing sessions and produce music of excellent quality. The model also possesses a 4 Stage Gain section and powerful EQ.

At the same time, it is a single-channel device, so compatibility properties are considerably smaller than in comparison with some other items on the list. If you are just a hobbyist, the Orange Amplifiers machine will help you be up in arms always though. Besides, it will not be the best choice for metal music lovers since it has a limited range of frequencies available.

The installation may become a piece of cake even for non-techno-savvy users. On the front panel, you are welcome to adjust the product’s performance. All the so-called combination details are located on the back panel.

  • Compact design
  • Pretty powerful
  • Clean and deep sound
  • Pretty lightweight
  • Not really versatile
  • Limited frequencies available
  • Single-channel solution
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10. Archer GA15TWEED Guitar Amplifier

This device will be a cool companion for newcomers in the guitar-play world. First of all, it is a pretty lightweight and compact device to meet your electrical music friend. It will produce different sounds at several frequencies. However, it is not the most powerful product on the list.

Unlike several other alternatives though, this model possesses a special headphone jack. In this perspective, it is a gorgeous choice for those who would like to master their guitar-playing skills all day long and not to disturb neighbors with loud music. The model also has a tweet covering. This element contributes to its vintage appearance and makes it look fashionable.

The manufacturer has included necessary control features to simplify your sound adjusting. Overall, the controls have treble, boost switch, mid, volume, overdrive, and some other knobs and customizing details.

Testing this device, you will find out it is a kind of focused on one tone. Even though the model has a set of adjustments available, it will take some time and practice to receive the result you really want.

All in all, this best 15 watt tube amp is one of the most reasonable solutions for the money.

  • Headphone jack
  • Compact design
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable price
  • Limited range of frequencies available
  • On the circuit board, there is no power fuse
  • Not the best sound
  • It doesn’t possess effects loop
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Buyer’s Guide

To have a well-designed and good-sounding guitar may be not enough. Without a doubt, this instrument can produce even better notes if it is connected to a passing amplifier. Nowadays, you can find numerous models to select from. What is the best 15 watt amp for a guitar? Let’s find out!


Pretty often, customers may confuse the guitar amplifier notion and think of it as a sort of car audio amplification. The latter increases the sound power without any distortion. However, the guitar device’s role is actually to form the sound. Apart from amplifying, there are a lot of helpful features that allow consumers to adjust the musical instrument’s performance. Overall, a machine can be versatile or determined for a particular guitar type (acoustic, bass, or electro, for instance). Consider this fact and prefer an amplifier in accordance to devices you have.

Sound Quality

Obviously, this parameter is one of the most important. To avoid any issues, we recommend you to select equipment of reputable and therefore reliable brands. Don’t hesitate to read customers’ reviews before making a purchase. There should be no background sounds. In general, any manufacturer should use solid materials to provide maximum durability and contribute to sound performance achievable.


There is no need to choose the most watt-productive machines. This is another considerable difference between guitar and car audio amplifiers. In case with the latter, the more RMS power produced, the better sound will be. If you are not a professional guitar player who needs this amplifier for large-audience performances, then 15-watt devices will be enough. For studios, amplifiers of from thirty to fifty watts are recommended. For concert halls, the power should be not less than one hundred watts.


The case is opposite: the bigger number of knobs a model possesses, the more opportunities you will have to literally customize the sound. Bear in mind that such an amplifier has to include equalizers. Apart from this detail, you should have a chance to control volume, gain, treble, bass, etc. Some models can boast of rarer adjustments like sound intensity, for instance.

Number of Channels

A lot of guitar amplifiers have two channels. The first one is used for producing clear sound. The second one is devoted to realizing a so-called rocking-sound effect. Besides, musicians can use a channel to connect a microphone to the system. Bass amplifiers are often sort of monoblock devices.


Taking into consideration the fact there are several types of amplifiers which depend on the equipment to install, it is reasonable to assume they have different bodies. We are not going to beat around the bush and overwhelm you with theoretical basis. For common needs, a combo amplifier will be the best option. First of all, such equipment differentiates with its compact design. So, you can easily transport it whenever and wherever you want. Secondly, they are versatile and all-in-one machines. A product of the kind consists of a preamp, an amplifier, and a speaker.


  1. Will a 15-watt guitar amplifier be enough to gig?

Without a doubt, this power will make your musical instrument sound louder than a majority of drummers. If you are looking for a home-use unit, then this rate will be the best option.

  1. Do I need separate amplifiers for my acoustic and electric guitar?

Overall, there are particular amp types for each guitar kind. However, if you select a two-channel version, you will be able to kill two birds with a stone. On the one hand, this device will be capable of producing clean acoustic sounds. On the other hand, distortion sounds of electric guitars will also be great.


All the things considered, a choice of reliable and durable equipment may become a huge headache. However, if you are “accompanied” with helpful pieces of advice and know for sure where to start your shopping journey, the decision-making won’t be a big deal. With our top-10 of the best 15-watt guitar amplifiers, you will be able to improve your skills and playing experience. Enjoy highly-qualitative music and training only with our up-market amplifiers!

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