Nowadays, more and more musicians discover the advantages of playing guitar with pedals. To add the balance to this system, a special amplifier is a must-have.

Confused which options to give preference to? Check out our recommendations and become an expert in the guitar amplifier field.

Are you ready for the adventure time? Here we go!

Editor’s Choice: Quick Comparison

Special Feature
Wattage (in watts)
Dimensions (in inches)
Weight (in pounds)
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Vangoa Acoustic Portable Rechargeable Guitar Amplifier
Vangoa Acoustic Portable Rechargeable Guitar AmplifierThree-channel machine4013.6 x 12.2 x 9.814.11**Frontrunner
Fender Champion Electric Guitar Amplifier
Fender Champion Electric Guitar AmplifierFive-year Transferable Warranty2016 x 12 x 166.61**Runner-up
BOSS Katana Compact Guitar Amplifier
BOSS Katana Compact Guitar AmplifierWarm ambience74.2 x 2.7 x 3.73.31***Bronze medal
Fender Acoustasonic Guitar Amplifier
Fender Acoustasonic Guitar AmplifierSuperior chorus effect159.4 x 13.8 x 14.413***
Fender Mustang GT Bluetooth Enabled Solid State Modeling Guitar Amplifier
Fender Mustang GT Bluetooth Enabled Solid State Modeling Guitar AmplifierBluetooth connectivity4018 x 12.2 x 11.117.3*
Line 6 Spider V 30 MKII
Line 6 Spider V 30 MKIISuperior presets308.2 x 15.4 x 1519.8*
Blackstar FLY 3 Electric Guitar Mini Amplifier
Blackstar FLY 3 Electric Guitar Mini AmplifierGreat to use on the go37.6 x 5.6 x 4.31.98**
Fender Frontman 10G Electric Guitar Amplifier
Fender Frontman 10G Electric Guitar AmplifierAwesome gain controls105.8 x 10.2 x 1110.1***
Monoprice 611815 Guitar Combo Tube Amplifier
Monoprice 611815 Guitar Combo Tube AmplifierSpring Reverb1516.8 x 9.25 x 17.131.62*
Marshall M-DSL40CR-U Guitar Amplifier
Marshall M-DSL40CR-U Guitar AmplifierSeparate volume controls per channel409.9 x 29 x 19.329.1*

Reviews Section

1. Vangoa Acoustic Portable Rechargeable Guitar Amplifier

If you are looking for a small versatile device that would be the best clean guitar amp for pedals, then you have come to the right place — the Vangoa machine definitely has several features to amaze you and conquer your heart.

The first peculiarity we should mention is the tool’s number of channels. With three of them, an individual can be super versatile and use a single unit for powering a bunch of devices. Apart from driving a guitar, this amplifier will suit for running microphones, piano keyboards, and other musical instruments. Forty watts are enough to cope with three different units at the same time, without spoiling the performance of any system’s element.

In turn, this power rate allows musicians to use the Vangoa best pedal amp for solo practice, studio recordings, and work in pretty large halls. No worries, a tandem of your guitar and this solution will be heard — there will be no need to push it to the maximum operating range available.

The tool differentiates with its compatibility. The effect is achieved not only due to the number of channels available, but thanks to a well-chosen and developed set of inputs and outputs. For example, it is not a problem to connect it to an MP3 or a CD player. With the help of USB plugin, you can use this compact device in pair with your PC or tablet.

The system possesses a recording feature which is great to track your results. A headphone input is another function that will please newcomers and experts in the field. You may forget about the neighbors’ complaints that you play guitar loudly at night. Just use this input and enjoy every practice moment.

One more ability to present — this amplifier is rechargeable and portable. On the one hand, its weight is an awesome bonus if you are travelling but want to maintain divergence of your music experience, regardless of time and your current location. On the other hand, the tool is capable of working up to eight hours (it depends on the volume chosen) after its batteries are completely recharged.

  • Compact design
  • Incredible versatility
  • Outstanding compatibility
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • No serious drawbacks are found
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2. Fender Champion Electric Guitar Amplifier

Fender Champion Electric Guitar AmplifierIn terms of mobility, this best Fender amp for pedals is an absolute favorite on the list. Weighing just around seven pounds, the machine has a rather compact size. Moreover, due to the open back cabinet, you can easily store some cables and other accessories in one place. The installation is pretty smooth and doesn’t require prolonged learning curves or consultations with the experts.

Fender has equipped this tool with numerous onboard effects. With them, the number of sounds to achieve is increased significantly. Among them, there are chorus, reverb, tremolo, etc. Apart from a lot of room for sound adjusting, a choice of solid and durable tubes contributes to the overall longevity of the model. This investment will be beneficial since there will be no need to replace tubes once a month or fix some other issues like it may happen with less qualitative equipment. To note, the manufacturer has backed up the offer with their five-year limited warranty.

The Fender Champion features inputs and outputs which you can use to connect the amp to MP3 players and speakers. By the way, the impedance rate is 8 ohms. On the front panel, there are control knobs. With them, a musician can adjust gain, voice, treble, and other performance indicators.

Its ease of use will be appreciated by the newcomers in the guitar music world. So, if you are looking for a gift for someone who would like to become more professional player, then this model is worth choosing.

All in all, we find the best tube amp for pedals under consideration a reliable solution for jazz, country, metal, and rock lovers.

  • Compact device
  • Excellent EQ section
  • Open back panel suitable for accessories storage
  • Several onboard effects
  • Headphone jack
  • It may seem too simple for master guitarists
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3. BOSS Katana Compact Guitar Amplifier

Our bronze medal goes to the best guitar amp for pedals by BOSS. In case you have a limited budget but don’t want to waste your money just to buy something, this model is a top-notch decision for you. It is not just one of the cheapest tools on the list. The model distinguishes itself with excellent portability and mobility features.

You may think its compact design means the item lacks power. It is a logical, but not a totally correct thought. The system is rich for built-in effects and tone controls. The manufacturer has equipped this equipment with 3-band analog tone stack and authentic gain circuit which promote superior performance.

At the same time, the mini solution by BOSS can boast of three versatile types. The latter includes Clean, Brown, and Crunch so-called modes. Each of them is responsible for particular melodies and notes. For instance, Clean is exactly that parameter which allows musicians to apply the tool under consideration with pedals. In order to get overdriven rhythmic sounding, do not hesitate to switch to the Crunch voicing. High-gain tones are available thanks to the Brown ability.

With seven-watts available, this device is a pure powerhouse in miniature. It can drive several guitars and impresses with sound clearness and richness.

  • Compact design
  • Affordable price
  • A nice set of controls and adjustments
  • Not suitable for full-band practice
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4. Fender Acoustasonic Guitar Amplifier

Fender Acoustasonic Guitar AmplifierThe Fender amplifiers have some similar design elements (the logo style, for instance). However, even though they prefer adding a vintage note, each model possesses a unique individualism and won’t be twisted up. This best solid state amp for pedals differentiates with brown textured vinyl covering. It is accompanied with black grill cloth and strap for more convenient item’s transportation. To note, it weighs around thirteen pounds, so it won’t be a Mission Impossible to move it from one location to another.

When looking for a great amplifier, people aim to achieve excellent sound. This machine satisfies a great range of consumer objectives in this perspective. The use of durable tubes and the overall body construction promotes achieving superior sound no matter what. The amp features a six-inch speaker and can produce pretty loud music. To enhance the power of this ability, there is a special chorus-effect implemented. That’s why a rather small speaker will be heard like 12-inch alternatives.

Since it is a two-channel tool, guitarists can be benefited with clean and distorted sound producing to the full extent. Of course, it won’t be the best option for large audiences, but will suit home parties and solo practices.

  • 5-ply cabinet material
  • Separate controls for channels
  • Excellent portability
  • Pure sound
  • Lack of up-market adjustment effects
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5. Fender Mustang GT Bluetooth Enabled Solid State Modeling Guitar Amplifier

Fender Mustang GT Bluetooth Enabled Solid State Modeling Guitar AmplifierAnother Fender product on the list can’t become a surprise, since this manufacturer knows for sure which technologies to apply to receive up-market equipment. Is it worth every penny spent? Let’s check it out!

If you are looking for a solid body that will last for decades, this offer is definitely worth considering. This pedal platform amp prides itself on having numerous unique features that are totally absent or realized badly in other alternatives on the market. First of all, with the help of built-in Bluetooth, customers can enjoy wireless listening to favorite hits and using those notes as background music.

Moreover, the machine is equipped with Wi-Fi. It has never been easier to get access to classic presets created by Fender specialists and download them on your device. Obviously, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth open completely unique opportunities for guitarists, enabling them to boost up their music experience.

Of course, other features are performed at a decent level. For instance, this best clean amp for pedals can boast of its USB output. With it, you can connect the Mustang machine to your PC. There is also a special application designed by the manufacturer. If you use all these benefits, your guitar style can become really divergent.

On the top of that, Fender offers a two-year warranty on this product. It sounds like one more reason to say “yes” to the device, isn’t it? However, the case is a little bit more ambiguous. Unfortunately, several users may find this tool pricey and unaffordable. In addition, it is a pretty heavyweight one (definitely far from sumo-champions, but still).

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • 2-year warranty
  • Excellent clean sound
  • Pretty heavyweight
  • Not super affordable for some customer categories
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6. Line 6 Spider V 30 MKII

Line 6 Spider V 30 MKIIThe Spider V MkII Series includes a pretty wide range of amplifiers the main difference between which is their watt-power. Taking into account your particular needs, feel free to check other models if they seem more suitable as for your music system requirements.

We have included the 30-watt option in our top list of the best amps for pedals. This tool can turn into a lifesaver for the beginners, and here are some reasons why. First of all, the system can boast of numerous high-quality presets which will definitely simplify your guitar-playing experience and make you acquainted with the classic performers in the genre.

The manufacturer has updated the unit’s functionality. Even more organic sound can be achieved now. With Classic speaker mode, the clarity of every note is marvelous.

The control settings are easy to navigate and adjust. Located on the front panel, all the knobs offer a solid grip but can’t be turned too smoothly. That guarantees that accidental contacts won’t spoil the pre-practice preparations.

Overall, the guitarists are enabled to work with mid, treble, bass, reverb, drive indicators, etc. A special feature — a remote application designed compatible with numerous platforms like PC, iOS, and Android, provides you with a higher level of control flexibility.

  • Excellent song collection
  • Ready-made presets
  • High compatibility
  • Pretty heavyweight
  • Lacks advanced features like built-in Bluetooth
  • Premium price tag
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7. Blackstar FLY3 Electric Guitar Mini Amplifier

If you think of guitar amplifiers like something huge and cumbersome, we are here to surprise you. The manufacturers aren’t focused on power parameters only (which requires an increase in size and weight). The Blackstar model is going to become a true shock for non-prepared consumers.

This mini guitar amp distinguishes not with its dimensions only. Apart from being the best option to play guitar on the go (travelling somewhere, a lot of scenarios available), this equipment is great for connecting to MP2 players, personal gadgets like PCs and tablets. With two channels, the Blackstar device allows guitarists to adjust sound to achieve colorful and shady notes.

A special Infinite Shape Feature is the reason why the manufacturer has succeeded in implementing different features into one small box.

This model is exactly what you need if you just start mastering your music skills. It is pretty loud for accurate home training. Besides, the unit possesses a headphone jack which is a perfect match for silent practice.

It may sound unexpectedly, but this amplifier has tape delay effects. All in all, this model shows that changing the sound is easier than you might think.

  • Super affordable price
  • Portability
  • Compatibility
  • Not suitable for band training
  • It lacks advanced adjustment features
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8. Fender Frontman 10G Electric Guitar Amplifier

Fender Frontman 10G Electric Guitar AmplifierIn this case, a small wattage doesn’t mean low power opportunities. If you are looking for a suitable device for home training sessions, then this option is worth analyzing.

It is a mono-channel machine, so versatility available is less if compared to multi-channel options. However, this model is equipped with solid and functional controls that simplify the learning curve for the beginners. On the front panel, users can adjust gain, volume, bass, treble. Over-drive select switch is also located there.

The Fender amplifier features 2-band EQ. This setting allows consumers to select different sounding tones and diversify the performance of the same melody, if necessary.

The system offers several jacks, so connectivity and compatibility are pretty high. For example, CD and MP3 players will come in handy if you decide to select this tool. With the help of a headphone output, the beginners will solve this enormous trouble of how to play guitar and not to disturb other people around them.

To note, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on the equipment under review. For less than one hundred dollars, the musicians will achieve a portable and versatile device that will be a perfect partner for the newcomers in the guitar music world.

  • Fashionable design
  • Nice controls
  • Compact design
  • Super affordable price
  • It lacks multifunctionality
  • A few advanced adjustment features
  • This is a mono-channel solution
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9. Monoprice 611815 Guitar Combo Tube Amplifier

Since it is a 15-watt amplifier, it won’t be the best solution for a full-band practice. Otherwise, this model is definitely included in the list of the best amps for pedals.

The first thing that catches attention is a stunning vintage design of the item. Looking at it, you will easily feel the atmosphere of the 40s-50s. However, it is necessary to be careful in order not to smudge its cream-colored cover.

The machine under consideration produces a great and clean sound. Equipped with 12AX7 and EL84 tubes which are rather standard, it is capable of delivering the punch.

Another excellent function present is FX loop. With its help, a guitarist is welcome to switch effects between different sections of the amplifier. Being easy in operation, this feature is accompanied with Spring Reverb. This tandem contributes to the music airiness and spaciousness.

Even though it is a heavyweight option, it features a durable leather handle that simplifies carrying and transporting the equipment a little.

Monoprice is a great reliable manufacturer. If there are any issues or drawbacks found, customers may feel free to reach out to them to fix the problems that occurred. Their support service is top-notch and distinguishes with fast troubleshooting. Moreover, an importing parameter to highlight is the amps’ packaging. On the one hand, it is environmentally-friendly and can be recycled. On the other hand, the goods delivered stay in the same quality state: there is almost a zero chance a model will be damaged during transportation.

On the top of that, we can’t help but mention this producer offers a one-year limited warranty for their equipment.

  • 1-year warranty
  • Classic Styling
  • Clean sound
  • Functional EQ
  • Heavyweight
  • High price level
  • Lack of advanced adjustments
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10. Marshall M-DSL40CR-U Guitar Amplifier

Marshall M-DSL40CR-U Guitar AmplifierThe last nominee to consider the best pedal platform amp is the machine by Marshall. Founded back in 1962, this manufacturer has gained momentum and investigated the market to find out which features a device should have to satisfy even the most demanding music connoisseur. Maybe, that is one of the reasons for their popularity and prestige on the world market, who knows.

Let’s get a closer look at the equipment under consideration. Without a doubt, this product will suit several different pedals. Having two channels, it enables consumers customizing sound in a wide range of ways. To note, the producer has designed the machine to have separate controls for each channel. In this perspective, a user has more powers to adjust the amp’s performance in a more sensitive and delicate manner. Taking into account the fact that two channels have different objectives, this is rather the beneficial and advantageous decision.

It includes a Celestion speaker (by the way, it is highly evaluated by numerous critics), an effects loop, and refined EQ section.

Another feature that makes the model a great solution for pedals is Reverb. With its help, a musician can work on low and high power settings. In turn, the number of opportunities a consumer achieves is pretty nice.

However, it is better to change your mind on another option if you are passionate about heavy-metal-music practice. The Marshall amplifier isn’t fantastic when it comes to high gain. Besides, if the device’s mobility and maneuverability is essential, the offer ranked tenth will become a disaster.

  • Separate controls for each channel
  • Great sound
  • The Reverb feature
  • Heavyweight
  • Up-market price range
  • Lack of advanced features
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Buyer’s Guide

If you are crazy about effects and want to diversify the sound your guitar can produce in as many different ways as possible, it is extremely important to select a perfect match amplifier. So, a lot of guitarists want to play pedals. Nobody wants to spoil the system’s performance with one item that was chosen incorrectly, do they?

So, today we are going to have a look at some options which will help you consider the best amp for pedals. Just keep on reading to dive into details!


First of all, the wattage available defines what a loud sound your amplifier can produce. If you are selecting a machine for home practice, then low watt devices will be enough. Typically, such an amp will want to break up on its own. If you are a guitarist who doesn’t want to plug in a lot of wet effects (just maybe a booster or a fuzz), you will find this solution helpful and reliable. Not much pressure on the system and clean sound — what else is needed?

When it comes to playing in a band, then the power required should be increased. The amplifiers with 5-10 watt won’t be suitable, even if they are great for pedals. In this perspective, we recommend considering equipment with at least 20W+ power.

Number of Channels

In this perspective, there are almost no hesitations. We suggest skipping mono-channel options and consider multi-channel ones. Playing guitar with pedals is equal to the statement that a musician aims to achieve divergent and versatile sound. That’s why minimalism is far from the best decision. In case with two-channel solutions, the first channel is responsible for clean performance, and the other — for producing dirty, distorted sounding.

Special Effects

If you want to benefit from having high headroom for your pedals but still access that natural tube overdrive in your amplifier and use your pedal board, it sounds like you need a dual-channel machine with an onboard effects loop. The main advantage of an effects loop is that you could take all those time-based effects that would normally sound muddy into a dirty amp and place them post-gain. Besides, an amplifier can contain a set of ready-made presets, so it will be a nice choice for the beginners who want to train skills of playing guitar and using pedals simultaneously.


What is a headroom amplifier?

In plain English, this term is used to denote the amount of power a device can actually produce before the sound starts distorting and breaking up. Let’s consider a simple example but of another field. If you have a vehicle (a car or a truck, it doesn’t matter), and it is capable of going up to around hundred miles per hour, there is no chance you will be able to exceed this power range. In other words, there is no headroom, no additional space for that. This rule is true if you are accustomed to employing your vehicle to the full extent all the time. However, if a consumer feels enough driving at a sixty-mile speed, then his car will go faster easily without any impact on the actual driving quality.

In case of gigging, 50-watt and 100-watt amplifiers can be effective, but the second option will offer you more power and time, when you increase the loudness and the sound stays clean. It doesn’t mean though that the more power a unit has, the more headroom it will provide. There may be some exceptions. Even the 20-watt amps may have enough headroom, so this factor depends on the machine’s construction and materials applied.

How many watts should a guitar amplifier possess to be able to gig?

If you are new to the guitar amp world, it is not necessarily to consider the models with maximum power possible. It doesn’t mean that such wattage is ineffective. The true story is that you simply don’t need that bunch of power. If you would like to gig, we don’t recommend giving preference to the very low-watt solutions. However, starting with even thirty watts, the guitarists are able to literally shred a large audience in pubs, for instance, to pieces. Take into account the number of elements in your band. If there are some other instruments with loud performance, then consider machines of 50W+ (please note such power may be enough even for concert halls). Otherwise, there is no need to overpay for the numbers you are not going to use at home.

Final Verdict

As you see, it is not a great challenge to find the best tube amp for pedals. On the current market, there are so many options different at price, power, and other-important-features range. All you need to do is to see the reality which may be hidden under the complicated terms and strange abbreviations.

We hope our article has prepared you to be up in arms and select your dream-solution. Enjoy your guitar-playing practice with any of our Editor’s Choice guitar amplifiers for pedals!

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