A couple of centuries ago, people could hardly imagine how technologically developed our world would be. It concerns all the spheres of our life. For numerous audio enthusiasts, it is a task of premium priority to install a perfect car stereo system. With it, any drive will be outstanding.

To make this dream come true, a magic wand is not enough. Too many efforts that are necessary to apply can turn a pleasant upgrade into a routine, dull and nervous process. That is why we are here to assist you. Our purpose is to help customers save their aspiration and desire to achieve a top-notch audio system.

The latter is impossible to function without a qualitative amplifier. Therefore, we want to present you our top-5 list of best 1000 watt amps. Spend a few minutes to read our article to save long hours of investigating and shopping. Let us start!

Editor’s Choice

Before we get a deeper insight into every product, please, note the summarized table of main qualities each amplifier possesses. With its help, you can understand which device is suitable and appropriate for your particular vehicle in terms of its dimensions.

Name Image Purpose Dimensions (inches) Weight (pounds) Class Price Note
JL Audio JX1000 Excellent for subwoofers 14 x 9.5 x 4 4.41 D ** Editor’s Choice
Boss Audio Systems PT1000 Phantom Outstanding connection configurations 9.5 x 10.3 x 2.3 6.6 AB ***

Planet Audio AC1000.2 Nice guarantee of quality 9.5 x 10 x 2.4 6.1 AB ***
Kenwood KAC-5001PS Dedicated to subwoofers 11.7 x 10.3 x 4.7 4.6 D **
Crunch PX-1000.4 Awesome multitasking solution 12.6 x 10.8 x 3.7 5.4 AB ***

Stay tuned and do not miss a single fact. Ready, steady, go!

The First Front-Runner: JL Audio JX1000

This mono subwoofer amplifier is actually pretty amazing. As you can see, it is definitely small, as compared to other products of the line. That means you can fit it literally anywhere. Thanks to class D technology, this device is not only incredibly compact but powerful at the same time.

It is going to deliver 500 watts at a 4 ohm load. The lower the load is, the more powerful this amplifier can be. In turn, it produces 750 watts RMS at 3 ohms. Its maximum RMS power delivery equals 1000 watts. This parameter is achievable at 2 ohms functioning.

Moreover, the specific D-class circuitry topology allows this device to draw less power from your charging system and therefore generate less heat.

With such efficiency, this JL Audio amplifier will be a wonderful choice for a great variety of products, especially for subwoofers. But still, the monoblock under consideration will be a strong competitor to multi-channel amplifiers in terms of speaker-connection due to its power treasure.

This best amp for 1000 watt subwoofers can also boast of its variable bass boost mechanism. At 45 Hertz, it can be adjusted in the range from zero up to +12 dB.

Another great feature to be proud of is a special turn-on element. Its construction eliminates unnecessary popping and clicking when you turn on the system.

Last but not least important, the amplifier possesses a unique power supply. With it, long hours of outstanding music experience are a guarantee.

All in all, this representative of the JL Audio brand is a powerful and somewhat unbeatable competitor to numerous solutions on the market. We highly recommend choosing this model for people who wish to level up their subwoofers’ performance.


Compact and sleek design

Outstanding protection circuitry

Excellent bass boost


Minimum of specific functions

The Second Front-Runner: Boss Audio Systems PT1000 Phantom

This two-channel amplifier is an excellent option for those who want to install fast and to avoid painless learning curve. Along with a super-easy setup, this product differentiates with its small dimensions. Therefore, its versatility is significantly increased for a reason. It will fit not only cars of different models but tracks and even motorbikes as well.

Bridgeable outputs are an advantageous feature of the device. When bridged, this two-channel amplifier can function greatly as a kind of mono amp. Besides, this product offers enormous input control. Due to switchable input sensitivity, any customer can receive well-customized balanced between sound and power quality. Want to guide the input signal? Done!

It is important to understand what bridge mono mode is in the context of amplifier modes. In general, modern power amplifiers have two independent channels which are usually referred to as channel A and channel B. These are identical and can be deployed in several different configurations. With bridge mode, a single input signal connected to channel A is routed to the inputs of both channel A and B. The physical input of channel B is not used. In this case, the polarity of channel B’s output is inverted. With this mode, you achieve two channels working in opposite directions. In simple words, channel B with its positive voltage pushes speaker cone, while channel A with its negative voltage pulls loudspeaker cone. Please, note this connection is not suitable for connecting subwoofers. It is great for the amplifier’s connection to loudspeakers only.

This amplifier distinguishes with its well-developed short protection. That is why customers do not need to worry about voltage swings and possible equipment damage that could be caused. In addition, the manufacturer has constructed the device with special backlighting. This technology contributes to the generally awesome design a lot. Red LED is a nice explanation as to why this line was called Phantom.

As an icing on the cake, this best 1000 watt amp for the money possesses the MOSFET technology and stability at low-ohm performance.

All in all, if you want to save money and purchase a highly-qualitative amplifier for your speakers, then the model by Boss Audio System is exactly what you are looking for. Enjoy power in a compact chassis!


Advanced control and adjustment capabilities

The device is bridgeable

Stable work at 2 ohms


There can be issues with the subwoofer remote control

The Third Front-Runner: Planet Audio AC1000.2

If you somewhat do not like the previous brand, this amplifier from Planet Audio can easily become a qualitative substitute. This two-channel device can boast of its power delivery. When bridged, it produces 1000 watts at a 4 ohm load. If you want the product to work at 2 ohms, then it will result in 500 watts efficiency.

The opportunity to bridge channels contributes a lot to the flexibility of the amp. In addition, the device’s versatility is achieved thanks to variable filters. The latter elements allow customers to get an absolute control over the frequencies. With this function, you can be able to avoid subwoofers’ damages caused by too-low frequencies or overpowered move of speakers.

This device possesses MOSFET power supply. Given the power possible to achieve from this best 1000w amp, there are several options how you can connect your audio system’s element to it. For instance, it will sound equally great either connected to four subwoofers or to a pair of speakers. The only difference lies in the fact that you need to pay attention to the impedance balance applied. As a result, 4 ohms will make speakers perform brilliantly. Your subwoofers will sound amazingly at 2 ohms.

A great bonus to note is a warranty. In this case, the manufacturer pleases the customer with 6-year platinum deal.

All in all, Planet Audio produces excellent amplifiers, and their AC1000.2 Anarchy is not an exception. To take power of sound has never been easier.


Full range of frequencies


Expanded control options


There can be issues with the amplifier caused by overheat

The Fourth Front-Runner: Kenwood KAC-5001PS

If you are looking for the best 1000 watt mono amp, this one is definitely worth considering. As you can guess, its maximum power is 1000 watts. At 1 ohm, this product is capable of delivering 300 watts RMS. When you adjust it to 2 ohms performance, it will please you with 500 watts RMS. It is a pretty powerful device for several subwoofers.

The device under analysis features a cast aluminum heatsink design. The aluminum side plates cover and protect the amplifier’s connections and terminals. These elements are easily removable with the included Allen key.

For a precise subwoofer control, this model possesses a variable low-pass filter with center frequencies from 50 to 200 Hertz. In addition, a slope equals 24 decibels. With an on-board bass boost of 0 to 18 decibels at 40 Hertz, this amplifier can be called a powerful product to get a superior music experience for a reason.

Since it is a dedicated subwoofer amplifier, it can boast of its limited frequency response of 20 and up to 200 Hertz. Also, there is an RCA input on a side panel. With its help, any advanced connection is affordable.

A nice design element is a dual-color LED indicator. Besides, its function does not end with providing beautiful appearance only. This is a great mechanism to control the amplifier, including its on-off status and solid functioning.

Naturally, we can’t but mention the equipment’s circuitry. It provides 3 so-called layers of protection. Firstly, it prevents thermal overheating. Secondly, this circuitry allows for eliminating overload. And finally, it is a powerful source to fights against power shorts.

For maximum power transfer, this Kenwood amplifier is also equipped with extra fuses with large gauge power inputs and speaker outputs.

All in all, if you are looking for a solution to last literally forever, then Kenwood has what to offer you as one of the most demanding customers.


Excellent protection circuitry

Adorable for subwoofers


It is a challenge to select suitable cables in particular cases

Its maximum power of 1000 watts is rarely achievable

The Fifth Front-Runner: Crunch PX-1000.4

What differs this equipment from other devices presented above is the number of channels. This 4-channel amplifier can boast of 1000 Max power. When taking RMS power into consideration, there are 75 watts per channel at 4 ohms. If the device works at 2 ohms, the result will be 125 watts. When bridged, the power is enlarged. Therefore, you can get 250 watts of RMS power per two channels.

In this perspective, it is more preferable to connect this device with two sets of speakers. Also, you can use it for your car audio system of a subwoofer and a pair of speakers. However, it is not rational to select this best cheap 1000 watt amp for connecting subwoofers only.

There is a nice reason for the manufacturer to be proud of its creature. Due to well-thought-out protection circuitry, customers will face much fewer issues than owners of less advanced products of the kind. Even though the protection is pretty standard, it protects the device from main issues any amplifier can face.

Besides, this equipment possesses LED indicators. Its green color shows if the solution is turned on or off. In turn, the red indicator is responsible for showing the protection mode switched on.

Unlike other devices on the list, this model comes with a full kit of additional wires and cables. Thanks to this, installation turns into a funny and smooth process.

All in all, this amplifier from Crunch is a cheap and relatively powerful option. If you need to connect both speakers and subwoofers, this 1000 watt amp best buy is a perfect match for you. Enjoy this multitasking device to the full extent!


A lot of connection properties

Nice control abilities for a user

Incredible protection


Relatively low-powerful

There can be issues with the amplifier’s sound

No warranty

Buyer’s Guide

Amplifiers, subwoofers, speakers — you can hardly imagine your car audio system without this equipment. The mentioned elements are essential producers of the impressive sound in your vehicle. No matter if you do your best to achieve clean sound or earth-shattering bass, there are some typical mistakes many customers do in the pursuit of cleaner, deeper, more powerful music. Some of them are pretty obvious, but others are not so apparent. So let us get into it!

Gain Control

It is a huge mistake to use the gain control as an alternative to a volume dial. All aftermarket equipment of the kind possesses these elements. So some customers may confuse them.

In simple words, the gain control is aimed at matching the maximum undistorted level of the source unit to the same parameter but on the amplifier. This process is performed whenever you switch on your radio and turn it up to the maximum volume. Besides, this action calibrates the amplifier. This calibration plays an important role since it allows matching to different audio-producing gadgets. By that, we mean different voltage levels output by source units and radios of numerous companies. Unfortunately, even though gain control button and volume knob have completely unlike appearances, people often use both to control the volume. For instance, if the volume knob is 50% position, then this element is playing with half of the power. Some people think the same is true for the gain control. However, it is not that case. By turning the gain control too high, you can cause serious damage to your equipment. Of course, this will influence the sound quality and add some unpleasant defects into the music flow.

How do we make sure that there are no problems with the gain? If your system is installed with the help of professionals, then they use special devices like a purpose-built tool or an oscilloscope for distortion detecting. In such a way, it is not a challenge to set the gain correctly. If a customer does not have access to the previously mentioned tools, then we recommend using a voltmeter. However, note this is not a cure-all method since it is not as accurate.

Quality vs. Price

A huge mistake for any car audio improver is to use poor quality equipment. In this case, we have to remember the law of diminishing returns. In general, going from a product that costs $200 up to $300, we will notice much more of a performance increase, than if we go from a product that is $1,200 to $1,300. It is not a rule of thumb that more expensive devices are synonyms to a top-notch quality and efficiency. You do not have to spend a ton of money to get decent sound. In this day and age, you can definitely get a really nice audio system within your budget. What we can recommend is to pay attention to production of reputable brands. For instance, we consider Kicker 1000 watt amp best buy. Other companies like JL Audio, Kenwood, Rockville, etc. have already become generic names in the industry.


When choosing an amplifier, there is nothing weird about the customer’s desire to buy the most powerful solution. However, each audio system consists of several elements, so all of them should be matchable to produce the best quality sound.

People that are new to car audio prefer focusing on the max wattage output for an amplifier. We are here to tell that this parameter is more of an advertisement method, and that is it. In order to compare devices of the kind truly, we suggest you to look at the watts RMS rating.


Of course, there are other features of amplifiers that you should definitely consider when making your final choice. Impedance is a parameter that lots of newcomers often have no idea about. In audio, impedance is the amount of resistance or position to an audio signal. This rating is measured in ohms. It could be compared to a large water tank with a smaller outlet hole at the bottom. The size of the hole determines the level of resistance or opposition to the water flow.

In our technical case, impedance is generally reduced down to two types: low and high. Speakers can refer to each of them. You can search for more detailed information on the Internet. What is necessary to remember is to know how to match this rating on your devices.

  1. The impedance on your speakers should equal this parameter on your amplifier. For instance, there are lots of speakers with the 4 ohms impedance. Therefore, your amplifier should have the same level or be available to customer’s adjustments.

How can customers find out the impedance rating? It is as easy as ABC: manufacturers provide this data in supporting documents to the product.

Wiring Issue

The installation process can become a challenge even for pro amplifiers users. However, it is really important to avoid any wire issues. Of course, it is necessary to check once or even twice that everything is wired properly. There is a simple rule for newcomers. In simplest words, positive wires should be connected to the positive terminals, and negative ones to the negative terminals.

Music Quality

No matter how advanced your audio system is, you will lack power and performance when using low-quality music files. Customers usually focus on purchasing the best devices possible and completely forget about this important influencer.

Nowadays, there are lots of music formats. Each of them is suitable for its particular case. When talking about your car audio system, it is worth to choose 320 kilobits per second files. A slightly better alternative is to listen to the music of FLAC format.

Why is this parameter so important? There is no sense to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to upgrade and improve your car audio system, and then to spoil everything with low-quality music.


  1. Are amplifiers, stereo amplifiers, and AV receivers the same thing?

Briefly speaking, all these devices belong to one type of product. Their main function is to amplify signals. However, amplifiers are the simplest among them. They are dedicated for cars or other vehicles only. If you want to connect your speakers and subwoofers to sound better together or separately, then go for the amplifiers without any doubts.

Stereo amplifiers and AV receivers are all-in-one-box devices. While stereo amps consist of amplifiers and preamps, AV receivers also include tuners. In simple words, both of the devices can upgrade your home stereo system. But AV receivers will be a better solution when it comes to correcting video signals of the latest formats.

  1. What is an amplifier and why is it so necessary for car audio systems?

An amplifier essentially does what it is called. It takes signal from a source unit, which is typically a low-voltage signal. Then a device of the kind amplifiers that signal to a much greater one. Well, it is hard to say specifically what the output would be since amplifiers have different watts RMS ratings at different ohms. But what they do is powering your speakers and subwoofers. Without an amplifier, you can hardly match all the elements of your car audio system to sound brilliantly. While some speakers can run off low power just from your car stereo alone, amplifying your speakers will really bring out their full potential and make your system shine.

  1. Do amplifiers sound in a different or in the same way?

Of course, each particular situation will make an amplifier produce somewhat unique sound. Even if all the customers choose the single amplifier for their systems, they still have different speakers and subwoofers with their specific parameters. For instance, some speakers are harder to drive than others. A lot depends on the impedance balance as well. Overall, the more accurate you will be able to match your equipment to each other, the better sound you will get as a result. Sometimes, even low-budget devices are three times more impressive in sound amplifying than super up-market tools, if the latter are installed improperly.


All in all, the choice of an amplifier for your car audio system can easily turn out to be a heavy headache. It is especially true for those cases when customers believe in luck and do little efforts to select the best option. Remember once and forever: the price is not the main parameter for the choice of a highly-qualitative product.

In this article, we have done our best and everything possible and impossible to select useful tips and recommendations in one place. Here, you can get acquainted with our top-5 best 1000 watt car amps. Their suitability and affordability can impress even the most demanding consumers.

If you are an audiophile and wish to make your car audio system sound deep and fresh at the same time, then do not wait a single moment. Just check out our list of the premium products. Do not miss this opportunity. Enjoy the feeling of the music and not the casual listening to it with one of our amplifiers!

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