The BOSS Audio R1100M Riot is a great Mosfet car amplifier, and boasts quite a few features. Available in a number of styles, let’s take a closer look at the specifications:

  • 1100 watts @ 2-OHMS Max Power
  • Remote subwoofer control
  • Bass boost and low pass crossover
  • High and low-level inputs
  • Class A/B monoblock

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The Breakdown of the Features

Looking to add a bit of bass in your system that won’t let anyone who rides in your car down? Whether you’re a first-time buyer or not, this is a great and simplistic device to learn, get to know, and use within your system. The stable amplifier features 1100 watts of max power so that you can amplify the power behind your tunes. You can also tweak it with the remote subwoofer control, which is super convenient! With the remote subwoofer control, you’ll be able to tweak the bass to your liking, and add it as you wish. Amplify the sound and performance of your vehicle’s system without breaking the bank. An A/B monoblock amplifier, this powerful device has a MOSFET power supply which will help you blast your tunes to your liking. If you’re trying to buy this specifically for using on your television – DON’T! It won’t work, and you’ll void the warranty by going against installation regulations. There are other products catered to your television, and make sure you don’t put the bass too high in this, or else you may find yourself with a broken product.

The First Impression of the Product

Depending on how you’ve installed everything, the speakers you have, and your settings, you may not get the best sound out of this. It’s been said that it’s okay for the price, but it’s worth investing a little more into a higher-quality product. With that being said, our experience isn’t what they experienced, and we actually had pretty good audio out of this! As for us, we had paired it with a type of kicker comp, and had it at 4 ohms. They’re cheap, and it’s okay to be a bit skeptical, but it’s proven to be well worth the purchase, especially for how cheap it is.

If you’re curious, just like we were, we had to hook the positive and the remote in order for this product to work as expected. They sound great, but of course there are better ones out there – for an even steeper price. Those that are on a budget, but want a quality device and great sound will find solace in a product as such, and we’ve had nothing but great experiences from this. In the disadvantages, you’ll see that you’ll need an amp along with this. To continue on with what is about to be said: unless you have a powered subwoofer, you’ll require an amp to help with making the subwoofer work. We don’t suggest that you use so much bass that your unit breaks. Otherwise, you’ll be using this for quite a long time.

Powering it to two 10” kickers will provide you with incredible around, and you won’t even have to the settings on full! Put it on low and you’ll be getting more than enough – although these are supposedly made for single subs, playing around with multiple can yield great results. Trust us – if you’re trying to buy these to hook up to your television, you’ll be displeased, as these aren’t meant to do so. It’s also recommended by the manufacturer not to try and hook these up. For the price, it does fantastic for the quality it produces.

The Advantages of the Product

  • Comes with a remote subwoofer control
  • Features variable bass boost
  • Even has a low pass crossover
  • Automatic shut-off for protecting the amplifier when it becomes too hot
  • Can be connected to wall outlet

The Disadvantages of the Product

  • There are people wondering why amps are needed if you’re receiving a subwoofer; in short, you won’t be able to use the subwoofer without an amp to power it!
  • Needs a mount so it won’t break as easily
  • For single subs, best on low and not full
  • Gain needs to be set quite low for avoiding any type of distortion
  • Not meant for hooking up to the television

Unboxing + installation

Is There Any Warranty on the Product?

We’re actually pretty impressed by the 6-year platinum online dealer warranty that comes with the BOSS Audio R100M. Even if you find that you don’t like the product, or something happens to it, you’ll be able to work something out with their customer service. Be careful how you treat this, as not everything may be covered under warranty. A general rule is: if you caused it, and the manual says not to, you won’t be getting your money back.

The Final Verdict

Overall, for the price, what it’s capable of doing, and the sound that we’ve heard come from this – it’s well worth the purchase. While some people have had issues with it in the past, it’s much like any product from a company – sometimes it works for people, sometimes it doesn’t. On a tight budget this holiday season and want to get someone a worthwhile present, with a backup warranty plan? The BOSS Audio R1100M may be for you. As mentioned, don’t try and hook this up to your television, as you’ll be disappointed. We hope this review helped you out a bit in making the best decision!

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