Over the years, the evolution of car audio systems and their compartments has become even more impressive. Manufacturers pay attention to the quality of materials they use and try to pick up the latest production technologies to ensure impressive sound at the end. However, with the increase in the number of solutions, the choice of functional subwoofers has turned out to be more complicated. The performance depends not only on the size and design of the model but also on its brand.

You are not obliged to prefer large-sized options to make the music bump — 8-inch subwoofers can improve your experience not worse. What are the models to stick to? How to choose the most suitable one among hundreds of alternatives? Stay tuned to find that out.

Editor’s Choice: Quick Comparison

Special Feature
Dimensions (in inches)
Weight (in pounds)
Price (in US dollars)
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Planet Audio AC8D Dual 4 Ohm Voice Coil Car Subwoofer
Three-year manufacturer warranty9 x 9 x 4.54.4***
Alpine SWR-8D4 Car Subwoofer
Exclusive engineering method8.66 x 3.94 x 7.0910.5*
Skar Audio ZVX-8 D2 Dual 2 ohm SPL Car Subwoofer
Adorable power handling11.5 x 11.5 x 10.525.6*
Rockville W8K9D4 Car Audio Subwoofer
Excellent voice coil stability12 x 12 x 125.99**
Pyle PLPW8D DVC 4-Ohm Car Audio Subwoofer Set
Marvelous affordability14 x 12 x 1010***

Planet Audio AC8D Dual 4 Ohm Voice Coil Car Subwoofer

Solutions of this kind will come in handy for those enthusiasts who don’t like to purchase large equipment to achieve voluminous low-end performance. With the help of the Planet Audio AC8D device, it is as simple as ABC to experience unbelievable bass of rock, metal, and other styles of music. Every melody is unique in its particular way, and this model will highlight its beauty and power.

As for the power, the subwoofer under consideration is capable of producing six hundred watts RMS. There are several bigger options that lack this parameter quality.

Thanks to the dual voice design, this solution is satisfactory in terms of more advanced wiring configuration variations. For instance, adding extra devices in the system won’t be painful, and the need to optimize the power output of your dedicated amplifier won’t be as troublesome as in other scenarios. Of course, the overall power handling is benefited as well.

The best 8 inch shallow mount subwoofer will suit ported and sealed enclosures. In the first case, customers will be able to customize the tuning subwoofer’s performance more efficiently if the amplifier chosen possesses a subsonic filter. In the second case, audiophiles will enjoy the tight and yield bass sounding of the system.

The engineering approach involves the use of sturdy materials, which positively affects the lifecycle of the model under consideration. For instance, this woofer is included in the list of long-lasting models thanks to its polypropylene cone and coils that are capable of withstanding high temperatures. As a result, consumers are welcome to get the advantage of more qualitative and simply longer playback times.

Another essential determiner of excellent sound reproduction is a stamped basket of the unit. Its role is to provide a rigid and strong platform with a great accent on the clear and clean output of music. While the resonant frequency is thirty-nine Hertz, the sensitivity specification reached eighty-five decibels.

If you are worried such quality is something hard to gain, here is one more reason to consider this solution as your soulmate one — its cost-efficiency makes it one of the cheapest options on the list.

On top of that, Planet Audio guarantees full backup of their production three years after the purchase is finalized. Check for more details on Amazon.

  • Elegant design
  • Lightweight
  • Durable and sturdy materials
  • Special warranty from the manufacturer
  • Clean and clear music output
  • No considerable drawbacks found
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Alpine SWR-8D4 Car Subwoofer

If you are tired of continual searches for the best subwoofer with unparalleled sound quality, the Alpine production shouldn’t pass by your attention. Smart engineering is a complement to the great bass performance. This model is about harmony between design and bass quality specifications. That’s why it is claimed as a nominee for the best-in-class bass equipment by various experts in the field.

The all-new subwoofer design provides interested parties with excellent flexibility for plenty of applications to install. Taking into account the mounting depth is just four inches, this solution will become a dream invention for several customers who face issues with room for setup.

Along with an enhanced mounting potential of the woofer, the equipment under analysis can boast of its special HAMR surround. As a result, such a configuration allows superior optimization and ultra-low distortion.

Alpine has taken care of overheating risks as well. The manufacturer has equipped the machine with a complex yet powerful radial vented voice cool cooling system. Since the problem of overheating is eliminated, it causes longer operating times without a decrease in sound performance.

Another consideration for the manufacturer is how loud a woofer is when switched on. Handling up to three hundred and fifty watts RMS, this Type-R subwoofer is capable of maintaining breath-taking sound clarity at super-high volumes. The frequency range makes it a champion on the list — from thirty Hertz to two hundred Hertz. Since the solution is literally focused on presenting low frequencies only, the system won’t be overwhelmed with trying to produce unsuitable frequencies with elements that are not designed for that. The sensitivity exceeds eighty-three decibels a bit.

The fact the pulp cone is reinforced by Kevlar should make the owners of the woofer really proud. This material is applied in the production of bulletproof vests, so the quality and durability aren’t under debate.

  • Excellent frequency response
  • Unique engineering technology
  • Durable materials
  • Clean and powerful performance
  • Premium price tag
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Skar Audio ZVX-8 D2 Dual 2 Ohm SPL Car Subwoofer

This equipment is rated at nine hundred watts RMS, featuring a 2.5-inch voice coil. It can be mounted in different enclosures, so it will suit not only individuals who are crazy about boosting up their car audio systems, but also those who desire to get the best 8 inch subwoofer home theater device. For instance, customers can install it in a ten-inch box and implement it in their system.

Another special feature about the model’s voice cold is its temperature-resistance capability. It means there are no problems connected with using the piece all day long at great power handling.

Don’t forget that this woofer will require the use of an additional amplifier. The mentioned power ranking requires compatible solutions, so it is not enough to choose just any amp. Unlike several other options, this one is a dual 2-ohm voice coil one, and this adds more consideration when decision-making. At the same time, if this configuration isn’t what you expect to achieve, the Skar Audio line offers similar items in other specifications.

If breath-taking and ground-shaking bass is your top priority, this solution will become something more than just a common machine. Thanks to a high roll surround, this equipment can be considered a real monster in the visible performance. You will definitely feel every volume of notes. This SPL powerhouse is equipped with grade pressed paper cone, which contributes to the overall genuine quality.

The parameter of sensitivity is a little more than eighty decibels. The minimum frequency is fifty Hertz, and the maximum on is five hundred Hertz.

Taking into account the machine from Skar Audio features a triple stack ferrite motor, there are no doubts left about the incredible potential of this equipment. The combination of advanced functions leads us to a simple conclusion — this functionality is about getting loud and crispy-sounding bass for any demanding specifications. However, this configuration will cost you a small fortune, compared with the prices for other models on the list. The weight of the device may seem like another barrier from the final purchase. If the mentioned drawbacks aren’t of great importance, then this solution will make you impressed every time you switch on this subwoofer.

  • Genius performance
  • Wonderful power handling
  • Extremely well protection system
  • Heavyweight
  • Pricey
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Rockville W8K9D4 Car Audio Subwoofer

Searching for the best 8 inch subwoofer, customers should not only check thoroughly how suitable this or that model might be but also think a bit about which brand has something specific to offer to your taste and conditions. Without a doubt, size is one of the main parameters, defining the quality of performance, and the task of any manufacturer is to ensure power handling, sensitivity rating, and enclosure type preferable will help consumers achieve the most out of relatively small dimensions.

Rockville is one of the teams whose products differentiate with their incredible compatibility and suitability. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a device to install in your truck, car, or other vehicle audio system — this model will be a wonderful solution. With a mounting depth of a little less than six inches, there are several places where you can set it up.

There is one feature that differentiates it from other potential substitutions — extremely high-temperature resistance. It is a frequent issue when equipment may start working worse or get damaged over time because of constantly overheating. That is not the case with this best 8 inch subwoofer car audio device. The reason for that is awfully stable voice coil. Just imagine that it can withstand up to two hundred degrees Celsius. This element is accompanied by a four-layer ASV voice coil wound with the appliance of OFC wire.

The use of durable materials guarantees the non-stop performance of the product without any issues for end customers. Another detail to mention is a high-qualitative magnet for simpler installation. The black sanded finish adds more elegance to the device under analysis. The overall quality is complemented by a cast aluminum basket. The elasticity of the materials is an extra bonus.

The available frequency range is from forty-eight Hertz to eight hundred Hertz. The sensitivity indicator equals 81.2 decibels.

The subwoofer from Rockville is a pretty powerful solution as well. Please make sure you pick up a corresponding amplifier for this unit with five hundred watts RMS and dual 4-ohm voice coils.

  • Advanced temperature resistance of voice coils
  • Minimal distortion
  • Ultra-stiff cones
  • Powerful
  • The frequency range is overly expanded
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Pyle PLPW8D DVC 4-Ohm Car Audio Subwoofer Set

There are two possible attitudes towards high price tags — suspiciousness and feeling of getting a product of better or exclusive quality. But what about items that are terribly affordable? Where else can customers find a set of nice subwoofers and spend less than fifty dollars for them? Amazon is happy to present Pyle PLPW8D woofers at your consideration.

On the one hand, it may seem high expectations should be left aside, but this best 8 inch subwoofer surprises with its wonderful performance. With low distortion, this model will suit lovers of rock music and country melodies without difficulty. It is a good solution at reproducing low end and partly mid.

The installation may seem a bit complicated since mounting holes have to be chosen carefully. It is recommended to stick to 7.25-inch enclosures to avoid fitting issues.

The performance at four hundred watts RMS is also appealing and quite unexpected from pieces for such a fair cost. Don’t forget that per a couple of these woofers, the power range will be doubled. The unit under testing features an extra-durable foam surround and a non-press paper cone. The fact it is a device of dual 4-ohm impedance, it won’t be a challenge to find compatible products in a new or already existing system. The sensitivity range is eighty-nine decibels.

This solution will come in handy for audiophiles who are looking for temporary replacement options, that’s true. But its functionality is pretty nice to check it out for a more prolonged time frame.

  • Cost-efficiency
  • Crispy bass
  • Set of woofers in one package
  • Complicated installation
  • There may be issues with the machine’s durability
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Buyer’s Guide

Just imagine how deep, clean, and smooth bass can really be with a functional and durable subwoofer. If you are lucky to find one that suits your objectives perfectly, your experience isn’t likely to be ever lacking. High-precision sound is far from the only feature to look for. It is also important to pay attention to several other parameters as well to make the right choice. For those who can’t imagine their life without making their music richer and more voluminous at low frequencies, the following recommendations will come in handy.


The quality of technologies and materials applied should be second to none, but these indicators are pretty hard to check at your end, especially during online shopping. In this perspective, to go for products from well-known companies that care about their reputation means winning a jackpot. Loud play and longer performance time are guaranteed by brands from our top-5 list.

Besides, customers can take a look at the models by Pioneer, Kenwood, JL Audio, JBL & Infinity, Rockford Fosgate, Kicker, etc. However, by giving your support to any of these brands, you agree to follow their pricing packages. Since some brands offer only premium-class solutions but others are focused on average specifications mainly, it will help you make a final decision in terms of the balance of price and quality.

Enclosure Type

Of course, it is always better to select models which are more universal when it comes to installation. When you have an opportunity to choose between sealed and ported enclosures, you get a higher degree of flexibility too. However, please consider the sound depends on the enclosure type greatly. In the first case, the deepest base will be generated without difficulty. In the opposite scenario, higher levels of volume will be necessary for the same results as with sealed boxes.

Single vs. Dual Voice Coils

It is more advisable to pick up dual voice coils since they offer more room for further updates of the audio system. For instance, single voice coil solutions won’t allow you to add additional sound outputs. However, such equipment is more beneficial in terms of quick and hassle-free installation.

The ohm-rating of voice coils is to be analyzed too. In general, the majority of models present are four-ohm in impedance balance, but there are two- and eight-ohm alternatives. Make sure the compatibility criterion isn’t messed up.

Frequency Range

The rule of thumb is simple in this case: the lower and more accurate the range of frequencies is, the better the result of sound reproduction will be. Usually, human’s hearing can’t actually identify frequencies under twenty Hertz, they can be felt. If you are a listener with exceptional hearing, then sounds not lower than twelve Hertz won’t seem competing to you. The upper end is typically limited at the point of two hundred Hertz.


A lot of people think that the choice of a more powerful solution results in a more satisfactory sound loudness, but that’s not correct. Go for checking RMS ratings only to find out how efficient this particular subwoofer is when it deals with power handling during prolonged periods. For small spaces, power hitters may be simply unnecessary.

Moreover, if you decide to pick up a super-powerful woofer, please be ready to look for compatible amplifiers as well. High wattage requires considerably more power to be driven.


Is there any difference between sealed and ported woofers in terms of sound loudness?

In general, this parameter depends more on the quality of the product itself, but the location is meaningful too. Vented enclosures are that one option that allows achieving boomy music.

What is the most functional subwoofer for sound quality?

Solutions from Alpine, Rockville, Orion, and other premium-class brands are deeply appreciated by customers and highly evaluated by specialists in the field of the professional bass sound.

The Bottom Line

Either home audio or car audio systems, good bass is one of the first things to notice. If the wow-effect achieved through awesome low-end performance is what you expect to get from your subwoofer, feel free to stick to the tips and recommendations above — they will help you purchase the safest and most functional bet in your music experience.

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