It is not enough to be in the know to make a successful investment in an integrated amplifier. The very first task is to ensure this model will suit you most. If you are here, you have come to the right place to check which amplifier is worth choosing and when. Mind the gap!

Editor’s Choice: Quick Comparison

Special Feature
Dimensions (in inches)
Weight (in pounds)
Price (in US dollars)
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Dayton Audio MA1240a Multi-Zone 12 Channel Amplifier
Multi-stage protection circuitry20.25 x 18.23 x 938***
Marantz PM6006 Integrated Amplifier
Flexible operations17.3 x 14.14 x 4.1417.3**
OSD Nero Max 12 Channel Multi Room Integrated Amplifier
Wi-Fi enabled22 x 21.2 x 9.131*
ELAC EA101 EQ-G Series Integrated Amplifier
Bluetooth connectivity11.63 x 13.75 x 5.56.1*
SoundArtist SA-200IA HiFi Integrated Amplifier
High-quality filter capacitor16.93 x 13.78 x 4.3329.7***

Dayton Audio MA1240a Multi-Zone 12 Channel Amplifier

Have you ever had a burning desire to do a whole-house audio system? A lot of customers dream about having an opportunity to listen to the speakers in one room and get an iPod played in another without disturbing or interfering the opposite process. If so, you will definitely need an amplifier, and the solution from Dayton Audio will come in handy.

Dayton Audio MA1240a is designed to provide energy for the functioning of six zones through twelve channels. This best power amp under 1000 dollars will supply forty watts at an eight-ohm load and sixty watts at a four-ohm load. Additionally, each zone is bridgeable for eighty watts into an eight-ohm load. For greater performance, there is isolation between separate zones, as can be seen by the LEDs on the front panel when the device is powered up. When you have an indication such as a red LED, what that means is that a particular zone has an issue. Whether it be a short circuit, or a low impedance, or an open circuit, it signalizes that zone isn’t on. At the same time, it won’t influence the performance of other zones, so you won’t be deprived of joy from using this best amp under 1000 dollars completely.

This solution is a sample of rack-mountable equipment. In turn, it is a contribution to the number of installation combinations. Moving to the rear of the machine, you will see separate bass inputs that will help your woofers perform at their maximum level without signal distortion. Since unparalleled flexibility for end users is enabled in such a way, it is one more advantage of this model against similar options on the market but for a higher price tag. By the way, this Amazon’s Choice product will cost you just a little bit more than five hundred dollars. It is a pretty affordable and price-efficient purchase, isn’t it?

Customers achieve unique tuning abilities with this device, and one of the reasons for such functionality is gain controls that are independent for each channel. Perfect matching isn’t a big deal anymore. Moreover, multi-stage protection circuitry which has already become a must-have for this sort of equipment is present in its absolutely premium-class form. Once you know there is a problem, it will be much simpler to find a timely solution and prolong the lifespan of your equipment.

  • Multi-stage protection
  • Zoning and powerful performance
  • Independent channel controls
  • Bridgeability
  • Affordability
  • It is heavyweight
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Marantz PM6006 Integrated Amplifier

The manufacturer has prepared its unique circuit technology that complements stable and long-term work of their pieces. What is marvelous about this unit is its efficiency. It doesn’t require any auxiliary solutions like analog, digital, or optical DAC. This all-in-one device offers great sound-tuning options, accessible on the front panel of the best audiophile amplifier under 1000 dollars. Apart from controlling bass and treble, there is a special feature for adjusting balance. Sound amplification will reach a totally new level with the machine’s loudness button.

The product from Marantz will work great for those customers who are interested in linking their integrated amplifier to solutions of varied types. When it comes to compatibility, there are quite a few competitors that are capable of fighting against this piece. Just imagine how divergent in performance your system will become if you apply the integrated unit under analysis for connecting turntables, record and vinyl players, and similar options without hassle. The Marantz equipment possesses phono, coaxial, optical, recorder, and tuner inputs — experienced customers who know what professional sound is will appreciate the functionality of this kind for sure.

At the same time, the system enables customers to make listening experience more personalized. There is a special input for headphones, so feel free to enjoy your favorite movies or songs without disturbing anyone in your environment. Don’t forget this personalized experience can be simply switched to outstanding surround sound performance that suits your liking most of all.

The inner stuff of the model is excellent too. For instance, by choosing a toroidal transformer instead of classic EI core options, the manufacturer achieves a more efficient and less power-consuming signal delivery. Since the mechanical vibration is reduced, distortion isn’t typical for the system’s performance. Being equipped with a top-notch D/A converter, the PM6006 offers more than just optimum fidelity for operating high-resolution audio files.

The sizes of the model are quite compact, so it won’t be a great problem to find the best place for its installation. Although it isn’t that type of equipment that is ready to start working just out of the box, the installation won’t be overly troublesome. Taking into account this integrated amplifier can be linked to numerous gadgets, it is recommended to spend some time checking the tips from the owner’s manual to avoid any further issues with the unit’s operation and use.

  • Exclusive Marantz technology
  • High-current power supply
  • Premium connectivity
  • Wonderful D/A conversion
  • Somewhat complicated installation
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OSD Nero Max 12 Channel Multi Room Integrated Amplifier

There is no need to sacrifice your system’s capabilities and power, since you can afford buying a single multifunctional solution that will work as a few separate devices in a single component. This allows customers to upgrade their Hi-Fi equipment and not to spend a lot of painful moments trying to figure out where to place and how to install power amps and preamps at your dedicated environment. That’s the magic of the analyzed integrated amplifier by OSD Nero Max.

The very first advantage to note is its circuitry type. Taking into account it’s a class D amplifier, the efficiency rating isn’t around seventy percent as in the case of class AB tools, but about ninety percent. The manufacturer has also equipped this product with several cutting-edge features, making it a completely versatile solution for your home audio or theater system. Just imagine how many connectivity opportunities you will get with such a Wi-Fi-enabled unit. Since it is designed for multi-room use, there is no doubt it will become a functional contribution to your current system.

OSD Nero presents their free application to simplify the zone-controlling process to the full extent. It is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems. Whether you prefer mobile phones or tablets, it will be as simple as ABC for you to monitor different rooms via this application.

By the way, zones are bridgeable. The selection of inputs is divergent and will work for numerous gadgets. As a result, it is possible to expand your system up to eighteen varied zones. The maximum number of sources is six though. Customers are enabled to control the operation properties via keypads, but please note they aren’t included in the kit and should be bought separately. The power at eight ohms is forty watts, and at four ohms it is doubled.

  • Built-in Wi-Fi adapter
  • High-efficiency class D solution
  • Multi-room and multi-zone performance
  • Excellent remote control
  • High price tag
  • Pretty heavyweight
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ELAC EA101 EQ-G Series Integrated Amplifier

At first glance, EA101 from Elac looks like a typical small integrated amplifier, but its hidden functionality can make a lot of more cumbersome solutions envy. What is excellent about this piece is its size. It is definitely the most compact and maneuverable-efficient model out of all the best integrated amplifiers under 1000 dollars listed here. Although it won’t be effective for those customers who are interested in multi-room surround sound, it is a perfect option for users who would like to get most out of their system’s blending of main speakers and subwoofers.

With the help of a special mobile application, adjustments can be done in the air, and sound adjustment along with proper room correction isn’t a great deal. The program of this kind allows setting up your system and getting a full control over its performance. For instance, it is not a problem for users to adjust crossover frequency or choose a correct phase. Please be informed this solution can be downloaded for both iOS and Android operating platforms.

The number of inputs and outputs isn’t impressive, but that’s not the reason for audiophiles to throw off this model out of their list of considerations. The manufacturer has made EA101 EQ-G a Bluetooth-enabled one. As a result, the connectivity options are increased.

The device is capable of delivering eighty watts per channel at four ohms. It is enough to drive varied equipment. The digital fidelity is guaranteed by the BASH amplification technology applied. Another advanced feature is the ability of Dolby digital decoding. In turn, the way the product from Elac reproduce high-quality files is terrifically impressive. For many customers, the machine under analysis has already become the center of their living rooms — and everything thanks to this feature. The mentioned plethora of advanced functions is accompanied by an internal DAC, which positively influences the overall performance.

  • Compact and stylish design
  • BASH digital fidelity
  • ABC technology
  • Remote control and adjustment via a special app
  • Bluetooth-connectivity
  • The offered functionality is lacking in terms of advanced connectivity
  • The learning curve is a bit daunting
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SoundArtist SA-200IA HiFi Integrated Amplifier

One of the first things to notice about this model is the harmony between its price and design. Its stunning and elegant finish is available in two options — black and silver, so you can choose the most suitable variant in accordance to other elements of your system. Without a doubt, this unit is the champion in terms of affordability — there are few devices you can purchase for a little more than four hundred dollars. Becoming a partner with Amazon is beneficial in this case: customers will be able to save five percent of its whole price.

Another thing to adore about this best integrated amp under 1000 dollars is its connectivity. It will be a simple task for both beginners and more experienced audiophiles to implement this solution into their current system or create a new one on its basis. Thanks to an RCA output layout, the equipment under consideration will work in pair with other amplifiers to create a dual combination for powerhouse performance of your tools. Besides, such an output is a perfect element for connecting an active subwoofer. That’s how users can receive a 2.1 system effortlessly.

With the help of a remote control included, it will be simpler for customers to control the performance of their equipment, depending on what type of files they are aired at the moment. The front panel also possesses necessary knobs and buttons to make the piece show off with its adjustability. This amplifier differentiates with its excellent base. In addition, there is a special tone control feature which enables consumers to set desirable parameters for treble and bass.

SoundArtist has preferred highly-qualitative materials for production needs. In turn, the lifespan of the model is pretty high. One of the advantageous details is a filter capacitor. Thanks to its great functioning, the inner circuit can boast of using double differential power.

The available frequencies are from twenty Hertz to twenty-five thousand Hertz. In this perspective, users will enjoy the full spectrum of sounds and tones. The level of harmonic distortion is much less than one percent, which determines nice audio-reproduction quality. The rated output power is around one hundred fifty watts at eight ohms and two hundred watts at four ohms. The only thing to note is that these results are not so impressive in practice.

  • Affordability
  • Great performance at different frequencies
  • Decent sound clarity
  • Its remote control is lacking in functionality — no option for adjusting tress and bass remotely
  • It is relatively low-powerful
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Buyer’s Guide

What is the best Hi-Fi amplifier to consider? Of course, there are several reviews to find out which one may suit you most of the others, but is its functionality really perfect in your particular case? The entire process of buying beneficial tools for your home theater system will become a daunting mission, if there is a lack of understanding which equipment you actually need. There are several types of amplifiers to pick up, and integrated machines are a combination of mechanisms, as it is clear from its name. Is it enough to clear up this case? Doubting.

In simple terms, an integrated amplifier is designed to perform duties of preamps and power amplifiers. The first notion relates to equipment that prepares low-level audio signals for further amplification, while the second one refers to well-known solutions to give necessary drive to weak signals to make them readable enough for being reproduced through speakers or woofers. Of course, two separate engines will become more accurate and powerful in performance. If you would like to get a better overall sound without investing a fortune in plenty of tools, it will do the job. Besides, it is much easier to install one machine instead of a couple of them, which allows reducing space- and energy-consumption of your equipment.

Once it is clear for you which type of amplifiers will improve your situation (and it is integrated amplifiers), it is a high time to check a few things before actually purchasing your soulmate model.


Although this quality indicator helps define the best power amplifier under 1000 dollars, the customers are frequently too focused on getting the most powerful solution in the class, while paying zero attention to how balanced other features are. And that is the main mistake.

The general rule of thumb is that the chosen amplifier should be around twice more powerful than other solutions in your system. To make sure the device is suitable, users have to consider how many elements their audio system includes (or is going to have) and pick up a proper engine. In order to stay on the safe side though, it may be enough to use 20-50% above the continuous power rating of the speakers.

Compatibility ft. Functionality

When it comes to integrated amplifiers, they are designed to perform a lot of duties simultaneously. For qualitative equipment, the choice of channels and volume control won’t interfere with signal amplification processes. If you are looking for a piece for standard listening sessions, there is no need to invest a fortune in the most powerful and therefore priciest solution available.

However, the number and quality of inputs and outputs present will add cost to the total value of the product. Check your system’s peculiarities. For those customers who have a desire to link vinyl recorders and turntables along with CD players, such decisions as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi compatibility are must-have. The phono input is desirable. The presence of a subwoofer output is necessary to make sure the woofers’ performance isn’t weakened, and low frequencies are reproduced as deserved. The headphone output is more than recommended for those who would like to personalize their experience and listen to music in their headphones.

The choice of proper equipment depends on the fact whether multi-room performance matters. All of the above has to be taken into considerations. The beforehand analysis of your current system is more than necessary.


Can I use an integrated amplifier instead of a receiver?

For some users, these terms may seem absolutely interchangeable, but there are important features that differentiate one from another. In plain English, they have unlike inner construction, and a receiver has more functional details than its competitor. If you are not interested in using a radio section that is built in a receiver, then an integrated amplifier will work well. Besides, the difference can be in the field of connectivity and compatibility. Usually, receivers are more varied in this perspective.

Does the device’s price influence its sounding?

In the majority of cases, customers prefer to make sure the chosen unit isn’t out of your budget capabilities, but it is more essential to find a comparison solution from a reputable brand. Of course, there are integrated amplifiers on the market that don’t cost a fortune. But the best power amps under 1000 dollars offer a nice room for selecting proper performance, functionality, design peculiarities, etc. and investing in the product that is going to last. In this perspective, it would be better to make a purchase once instead of spending funds for buying a new piece regularly.

When it comes to how this or that model sounds, the one from an experienced and remarkable producer at a fair price will perform better than a cheap option from a no-name Chinese brand. The price is formed on the basis of materials quality too, so it’s an influential parameter.


Whether you are just making your first steps in the world of professional Hi-Fi experience or are an experienced aficionado in the field, the choice of a functional yet affordable integrated amplifier may become a painful process. This review is full of recommendations to stick to pick up not just the best equipment — the one that will be perfect in your particular case. Enjoy amplification at a new level with the best integrated amps under 1000 dollars!

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