When it comes to choosing the most functional subwoofer for your car audio system, a lot of parameters have to be considered. First of all, you need to decide which type of solutions will suit your needs most of all. For those customers who would like to achieve excellent sound performance without investing a fortune or installing a giant product in their vehicle, the best sound quality subwoofers are the right option to prefer.

Are you eager to find out which models can complement your car audio music experience? Stay tuned to get more essential information!

Editor’s Choice: Quick Comparison

Special Feature
Dimensions (in inches)
Weight (in pounds)
Price (in US dollars)
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Infinity Reference REF1200S Shallow Mount Subwoofer
Selectable Smart Impedance12 x 12 x 512***
Rockford Fosgate R2SD2-10 Prime 2-Ohm DVC Shallow Subwoofer
One-year full warranty12 x 12 x 5.46.62***
Skar Audio VD-10 D4 10” Dual 4 Ohm Shallow Mount Car Subwoofer
Super powerful14 x 14 x 9.2514**
Kicker 8 Inch Dual CompRT 2 Ohm Shallow Slim Car Subwoofer
Size compatible2.95 x 2.95 x 6.37.33*
Rockville W8T4-S4 8” Shallow Mount Car Subwoofer
CEA-2006 compliant10 x 8.5 x 106.14***

Infinity Reference REF1200S Shallow Mount Subwoofer

Even though the advancement in technologies allows creating more powerful and functional solutions, the set of requirements any customer would have to their best SQ sub are also becoming more and more varied. Nowadays, it is not enough just to sound great. Space is a challenge: if you can’t install a woofer in a great way, without damaging your car’s interior or making some questionable constructions to locate the desirable model, then it doesn’t really matter how affordable and efficient the product is.

In this perspective, the solution by Infinity Reference is a true lifesaver. The model is not the smallest one and reaches twelve inches in diameter, but it differentiates with its compact and low-maintenance design. Due to its installation flexibility, your level of skills and knowledge isn’t that influential. The manufacturer has engineered the piece to make it low-profile. For customers, that is a huge competitive benefit. Thanks to this feature, the unit will fit perfectly literally anywhere, regardless how shallow your available enclosure is.

The best thing about this subwoofer is its Selectable Smart Impedance. So what it is going to do for you is to provide ultimate flexibility for your user experience. If you are running a single woofer, flip a switch, set it to two ohm, and then you will get a maximum power out of your system. But that’s not the end. Just imagine there is a need to reconfigure your car audio system. For instance, that could be adding an extra subwoofer or purchasing a different amplifier. With this Infinity Reference machine, users can easily switch between impedance rates to match the needs and specifications of their equipment. As a result, customers aren’t obliged to buy new pieces every time they would like to modify the sounding and performance of audio elements they possess.

The solution under account is capable of retaining excellent quality bass output. The effect is maintained by premium materials and overall construction of the unit. Polypropylene sub cones are created to deliver outstanding bass response. With the available range of frequency response from 27 to 175 Hertz, you will be able to enjoy each rocking note and melody.

The list of advanced features can be complemented by OEM-level reliability testing. With sensitivity at ninety-two decibels, the clarity of sound is absolutely amazing.

Besides, it is a cost-efficient purchase for numerous consumers. On Amazon, you can buy it with an over forty percent discount. For additional costs, two- and three-year protection plans will be offered too.

  • Simplified installation
  • Flexible customization and sound adjustment
  • SSI feature
  • Outstanding SQ performance
  • No considerable drawbacks are found
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Rockford Fosgate R2SD2-10 Prime 2-Ohm DVC Shallow Subwoofer

Even if you are a newcomer in the world of professional car audio equipment, the chances you have never heard about this brand are close to zero. This company is ranked first in various ratings and guides around the globe. With their great attention to the models produced, you can sigh with relief, since the probability of receiving a low-functional unit literally doesn’t exist. The reason for that is as follows: apart from following modern production trends, the organization prefers testing how matching materials are to the effects expected. This sounds like a key to success, doesn’t it?

Let’s take a closer look at the model under consideration. Why has it been included in the list of the best SQ subwoofers? A quick check will tell you a lot about how low-profile and compact the model is. It is a ten-inch one, but there are no issues with mounting and founding a necessary enclosure. Please note this particular unit is designed to fit sealed enclosures best. The cutout diameter to avoid any problems and challenges is a little more than nine inches. The mounting depth is almost 3.5 inches, so space issues, if any, are solved from the start.

The model delivers full bass, and the sound clarity is thirty Hertz. There are more powerful solutions in the industry though. The model is capable of delivering two hundred watts RMS at two ohms. However, a lot of configurations increase the abilities customers will get with the piece.

The durability is ensured by dual 12 AWG compression terminals. A high contribution to the quality is made by an injection molded cone. With the help of the latter element, super deep bass isn’t a miracle anymore.

If you purchase the model from an authorized retailer like Amazon, you will be benefited with a full one-year warranty. The brand’s customer support team is also accessible anytime you need advice or assistance. You can easily find video tutorials (and the manual is included in the kit), so there should be no issues with operating the machine.

  • Warranty from manufacturer
  • Optimization for sealed enclosures
  • Full size bass
  • Durable materials
  • It is relatively low-powerful
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Skar Audio VD-10 D4 10” Dual 4 Ohm Shallow Mount Car Subwoofer

If you are looking for a reputable producer on the market of the best SQ subwoofers, it would be a huge mistake to omit Skar Audio products in your considerations. Without a doubt, one of the best features about the manufacturer’s lines and this piece in particular is outstanding durability and longevity. Thanks to applying only top-notch materials and technologies, the woofer turns out to be the one to survive in the long run.

If space limitations matter, there is also no need to look for another model. With its well-thought-out design, the piece will suit numerous enclosures. Please note the mounting depth is a little more than four inches. The feature of higher power handling is achieved due to the use of excellent BASX voice coils. At the same time, such elements like a two-layer conex spider and a solid grade cone are a wonderful contribution to the general performance present.

Although the unit will serve for pieces with impedance balance at four ohms only, the number of matching devices won’t be a huge limitation for you. It won’t become a challenge to select compatible equipment to link.

Another function to adore about the piece is its power range itself. Compared to other models on the list, it is one of the most powerful machines. With five hundred watts RMS, it is a piece of cake to run even hard-to-drive mechanisms. In turn, this also ensures your choice flexibility.

The sensitivity rate is a little more than eighty-six decibels. There should be no complaints about its frequency response: the available range is within 30-350 Hertz.

  • Powerhouse
  • Easy installation
  • Dominant performance
  • No issues with mounting
  • A lack of advanced features
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Kicker 8 Inch Dual CompRT 2 Ohm Shallow Slim Car Subwoofer

Taking into account this is the smallest model on the list, it is naturally that space limitations don’t matter. You will be able to install it anywhere you need, since the mounting depth is just a little less than three inches. Besides, it is not a challenge to get better sound quality with both two- and four-ohm devices. All you need for that is to use voice coils and wire them in series.

The available power range is three hundred watts RMS, so the number and quality of devices to link is totally varied. Don’t forget that this device is eight-inch only, so such a performance is great. Although the size is minimized, that doesn’t influence the sound quality greatly. You will be able to achieve pretty loud sounding at different frequencies. The clarity of music representation is second to none. It is also a rather lightweight solution.

There are two special features about the model. To start with, it is the brand-exclusive SoloKonTM technology. With its help, a wonderful cooling effect is achieved. Besides, it influences distortion and flex positively. Secondly, the CompRT framework is what contributes to the quality of sound reproduction enormously. If you are looking for a device which is capable of making deep and fat bass sounds, this is the right shot.

However, it is not as affordable as several other models on the list. Users can purchase the piece with a ten-percent discount on Amazon, but there still will be cheaper and not less functional models available.

  • SoloKonTM technology
  • CompRT framework
  • Excellent surround
  • Small mounting depth
  • Premium price tag
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Rockville W8T4-S4 8” Shallow Mount Car Subwoofer

If you would like to stay on the safe side, solutions by Rockville can come in handy. This particular best sound quality car subwoofer differentiates with its lightweightness and compact dimensions. In turn, that means the solution will suit even small vehicles. Forget about space limitation issues with it!

The overall installation process is really simple. What is more important, the solution will suit not only cars, but also motorcycles and even trucks.

The option of an infinite baffle is also available. That means that customers are enabled to apply the model without any box behind it. This so-called free air sub mode will suit consumers in those cases, when there is a need to get the maximum volume with minimizing the power consumption.

The design is chosen in such a way to meet the insight customer expectations. For instance, with a four-ohm single voice coil, the subwoofer under analysis can deliver wonderful and breath-taking low frequency response without huge pressure on the system in general.

With two hundred and fifty watts RMS on the go, the mechanism seems not to deserve the name of the most powerful solution ever. But don’t forget the sizes of the model itself: this will allow you to look at the present functionality from a different perspective.

There is one thing that differentiates the piece from others on the list: it is CEA compliant. That said, its quality is proved to be outstanding. The machine is distinguished by its high temperature voice coil former made of aluminum, vented core magnet motor structure, and a nice cooling system.

  • Compact dimensions
  • Lightweight
  • Easy in installation and operation
  • CEA compliant
  • There may be issues with packaging
  • There are cheaper solutions with similar functionality
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Buyer’s Guide

If you are trying to find the best sound quality subwoofer, the choice isn’t that complicated than it may seem at first. All you need to do is to check your specifications and find the solution to satisfy your objectives. Without defining what your system really needs, a lot of newcomers make the same typical mistake — they just give their preference to the most liked or advertized solution.

Of course, this approach may work. Reputable brands pay a lot of attention and efforts to ensure the excellent quality of their production. However, don’t forget about the variety of quality tools available on the market. In order to make a beneficial purchase, feel free to consider the following tips and recommendations.

Accuracy in Frequency Response

One of the main things in subwoofers is the way they represent bass sounds, their clarity and distortion. The best solutions are very accurate in performance, and the range of available frequencies is the biggest one at low frequencies. In this case, it doesn’t even matter if you can’t hear the lowest tones — you will definitely feel them!

It is also a good thing to pay attention to the amount of energy necessary to create this or that melody.

Space Restrictions

Apart from checking how suitable the solution will be for your budget needs, you have to verify it is a matching one for your vehicle. If you would like to stay on the safe side, go for smaller options. However, don’t forget to see whether the present frequency response and RMS power rating are worth the game.

Subwoofer Size

For those customers who are looking for solutions for their cars, it is not necessary to select the biggest options. Ten- or twelve-inch solutions are good to start with. Please consider the next fact as well: the amount of energy to put out depends on the size of the driver. In turn, the bigger the latter element is, the more powerful sound you will achieve at the end.


What is the difference between SQ and SPL?

In simple terms, Sound Quality is used to describe those tools which can show off with their fidelity and clarity of performance. At the same time, the accuracy of each frequency to hear is excellent. The opposite notion, i.e. Sound Pressure Levels, refers to how loud the sound representation of this or that model can be. It is measured in decibels.

What Hertz rate is the best one for bass?

There is a simple rule of thumb to bear in mind: the lower the Hertz available in the model is, the more bass it is possible to get. In this case, a range from twenty to one hundred twenty Hertz is the right shot. Still, bigger ranges will help you enjoy more sound tones.

What is the best RMS rate for a SQ subwoofer?

Of course, a lot depends on your car audio system and whether you have other equipment to link a sub with. In general, the minimum power to look for is two hundred fifty watts RMS. If a solution is capable of delivering around five hundred watts RMS, it is a true powerhouse. More powerful solutions aren’t that requested for limited space of cars and other vehicles.


The choice of the best sound quality subwoofer for your needs should be nothing but exciting and pleasant. Check out the list of premium recommendations and tips for beginners to make the right selection. Enjoy the deep bass you deserve!

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