For those who are true fans of bass melodies, the decision to purchase a suitable subwoofer isn’t just a dream — it is a crucial necessity. The assortment available may seem painful and challenging for professional users even, so our purpose is to guide you through this shopping journey without a hassle.

Either you are looking for equipment for cars or trucks, the best shallow sub will be your universal solution. What are recommendations not to miss to achieve a satisfactory contribution to your vehicle sound system? Stay tuned to find that out.

Editor’s Choice: Quick Comparison

Special Feature
Dimensions (in inches)
Weight (in pounds)
Price (in US dollars)
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Rockford Fosgate P1S2 10 Punch Subwoofer
Full one-year warranty8.5 x 12.8 x 1310.5***
Skar Audio DDX-12 D4 Dual 4 Ohm Car Subwoofer
1000 watts of RMS power16 x 16 x 1133.2**
CT Sounds Tropo 8” D2 Car Subwoofer
Deep low notes9 x 8 x 5.59***
Harmony Audio HA-ML122 Monolith 12” Car Audio Competition SPL Sub
Eight magnet layers14 x 15 x 1620*
Alpine SWR-8D4 8” Car Subwoofer
Reinforced cone for better sounding8.66 x 3.94 x 7.0910.5**

Rockford Fosgate P1S2 10 Punch Subwoofer

There are still few exceptions to the well-known choice principle — reputable brands’ production is worth considering. In the field of woofers and other music equipment, Rockford Fosgate is a rocking powerhouse. The model under analysis could hardly omit this list of the best low profile subwoofers — once it was known as the “Woofer of Choice”, and the preferences of car fanatics haven’t altered since then.

If you are looking for equipment to deliver solid and deep bass, this unit has something special to offer. You will be amazed with its unsurpassed intensity, and a relentless punch is really mind-driving. The first thing customers will notice trying to handle the piece out of the box is its definite longevity and construction quality.

The brand has implemented their unique technologies to ensure every note and sound will be delivered to the recipient in its best form. One of them is known as VAST. With its help, the interesting effect of enlarging the radiating cone area is achieved. Additional twenty-five percent can’t but influence the overall efficiency of the piece.

Car enthusiasts can enjoy the feeling of bass with its solution for 100%, and a special composition of its cone plays not the last role in this feature accuracy. The element is reinforced with a Kevlar fiber. The top-notch material contributes not only to the quality of sound performance, but it also increases the appearance value and makes this deal more advantageous.

The manufacturer has taken cooling properties and implemented a spider plateau ventilation system to prolong durability of the best shallow mount 10 inch subwoofer model.

Please note it is a two-ohm style, so find corresponding amplifiers to match the present impedance balance. 250 watts of RMS power are more than just enough to turn any bass sounds into an audio masterpiece.

  • Super affordable price tag
  • Excellent lifespan
  • Premium materials and production technologies
  • Smooth installation
  • It doesn’t have a wireless remote control
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Skar Audio DDX-12 D4 Dual 4 Ohm Car Subwoofer

Skar Audio is one more reputable and world-known woofer manufacturer, and the model under consideration is a champion in numerous shallow mount subwoofer reviews. With RMS power of 1000 watts, you will be amazed with how powerful bass can really be. Without any exaggerations, the clarity of sound reproduction is literally second to none.

The available range of frequencies and size of the piece guarantees excellent customer feedback from every melody conveyed by this best shallow mount 12 subwoofer. It is capable of delivering sounds from 25 Hertz to 250 Hertz, while sensitivity reaches a little more than 87 decibels.

This lineup is one of the longest running products by Skar Audio, so the durability and functionality of the analyzed equipment has stood the test of time. A powerful punch offered brings your driving experience to a completely new level. Among the main engineering peculiarities worth mentioning, these two features are the leaders — a double stack motor and a 2.5-inch high temperature voice coil.

While the mounting depth is 6.6 inches, the magnet diameter reaches 7.72 inches. An advanced cooling system is exactly what is needed to ensure different rates of bass power can be withstood without any damages and negative impacts on the audio system as a whole.

What may prevent you from investing into this solution? First of all, even though it is a shallow mount woofer, its dimensions and weight characteristics require a special approach from customers. You should pay attention to how much space available you have not to waste money on a functional but rather useless and cumbersome product, if there are no chances for you to install it. At the same time, this model is considered one of the best subs for trucks.

  • Profound production technology
  • 1000 watts of RMS power
  • 4 Ohm device
  • Outstanding bass performance
  • Heavyweight
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CT Sounds Tropo 8” D2 Car Subwoofer

There are a couple of things you should know about the machine under consideration. First of all, dual stacked Y30 magnet and spring terminals are those features which simplify installation. Please note the mounting depth is just 4.6 inches, while the cutout and overall diameters are 7.2 and 8.4 inches correspondingly.

Eight-inch construction is a special trick that allows reaching an excellent vibe from bass notes. 400 watts of RMS power will help in delivering great sounds. When choosing a perfect-match amplifier, don’t forget to consider the impedance balance of the model — dual 2 ohm.

Excellent durability is achieved thanks to the use of lasting materials. One of the model’s heroes is a cone made of a polypropylene composite paper. Taking into account a multilayer design of a voice coil, this solution from CT Sounds is capable of reproducing “low” notes without any extra unnecessary sounds. An advanced cooling system is another benefit to consider when deciding whether this model is worth giving a try.

What’s important, the functionality won’t be limited, regardless of which enclosure you are going to prefer — both vented and sealed options will work excellent. This best 8 inch shallow mount subwoofer differentiates with its 12 gauge speaker connector.

The equipment is available at a super affordable price, which is the cheapest one among other products on the list. You can pay extra, if you would like to achieve a two- or three-year protection plan for this item. Please note the offer is valid on Amazon only.

  • High-quality components
  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Pinpoint accuracy of reproducing sounds
  • Affordable price
  • It lacks power in comparison to some other alternatives
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Harmony Audio HA-ML122 Monolith 12” Car Audio Competition SPL Sub

If you are looking for a powerhouse for your vehicle, this model is a lifesaver. Just imagine how impressive bass sounds can be with 1500 watts of RMS power. This feature isn’t something that any subwoofer can boast of.

The well-thought-out construction and choice of durable materials is a wonderful contribution to the overall functionality and quality of this piece. Nobody wants to face replacement issues after a few months of use, and the chances for such an event consequence literally don’t exist with this model. With the help of interwoven tinsel leads, the machine leads the way in the sound industry.

Keeping the things cool is more just a trend in the field of subwoofers. It is necessary to select devices with a profound cooling system to make sure extra warmth achieved due to the woofer’s moving won’t influence the performance negatively. This piece features a functional heatsink to avoid such cases. With it, the heat isn’t “stored” in the voice coil and is transferred away.

A monolith construction is another thing that allows increasing the sub’s performance quality and contributes to its longevity. The frequency response is within 37-300 Hertz. With sensitivity of 83.1 db, accuracy of sound representation isn’t a feature to be surprised. The number of magnet layers reaches eight.

One of the minor drawbacks is the price. If you have a limited budget, you can find alternatives with similar functionality but which are more beneficial in terms of fund spending.

  • Wonderful engineering
  • Powerhouse
  • Simple installation
  • Premium price tag
  • A little cumbersome design
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Alpine SWR-8D4 8” Car Subwoofer

If you are searching for a powerful but not huge subwoofer, this solution may be the right shot. 350 watts of RMS power are an excellent rate for such dimensions. Customers don’t usually face any significant challenges with these pieces. It has powers to serve as the best shallow mount subwoofer for trucks and “lighter” vehicles.

The frequency response is available within 30-200 Hertz. A reinforced cone is accompanied with a HAMR Santoprene rubber surround. Tinsel leads applied are another confirmation that the manufacturer doesn’t prefer sparing money to producing a highly qualitative unit. The sensitivity rate reaches around 83 dB.

The installation is simple as well. What you need to use is simple banana plugs. However, there is another not less functional option — heavy 8 gauge spring terminals will come in handy.

Another feature that can work as a proof of an excellent equipment quality is a type of winding applied. On a spiral cut, it features four layers for extra durability.

Please note the unit is dual 4 ohm, so the amplifier’s impedance balance should match. Besides, it shouldn’t be too powerful not to overwhelm the subwoofer.

With easy tuning-out, the model under consideration is a wonderful solution for beginners.

  • Compact dimensions
  • Great sounding
  • Convenient in installation
  • Rather small power handling
  • There may be issues with the solution’s longevity
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Buyers’ Guide

Without a doubt, adding a subwoofer into your vehicle audio system means a lot to the overall quality of your music experience. If you are looking for a deep and accurate bass without any threats to spoil the sounding of your favorite hits, there are two simple options to follow. People, especially newcomers in the world of professional sound, do hesitate which one two select — a shallow mount or a regular woofer.

With the same functions, their designs differ dramatically. Understanding key differences between the two will help you define which solution is a worthy item for your particular needs.

Shallow Mount vs. Regular

We are accustomed to how regular subs look like — these are box-type constructions with all the necessary elements to convey bass at the level not available for common speakers. These solutions don’t take into account space considerations, so they will suit larger vehicles like trucks more. Their alternative options possess a low mounting depth. In this perspective, they offer higher installation flexibility for the target audience. Despite their relatively small dimensions, their functionality isn’t under debate.


In terms of mounting issues, regular subwoofers are more complicated in operation. Taking into account compactness and lightweightness offered by the best shallow mount subwoofers, they will come in handy for beginners. A few tools and special hardware pieces are required.

Selecting the Right Size

For those who would like to avoid installation challenges and have a lack of available space for setup, shallow mount subwoofers will become a lifesaver. Don’t forget these models are designed in different sizes as well, so you should consider which style will be most satisfactory:

There is a simple rule of thumb: the smaller the sub is, the more responsive and punchier its functionality will turn out to be. The perfect sample is eight-inch models. If you would like to save the balance between overwhelming notes and harsh sounds deep bass can create, such options are the best shot.

Ten-inch woofers are more common alternatives. Unlike smaller solutions which suit light bass and fast paced electronic genre, this one will produce a respectable bass volume.

Twelve-inch subwoofers are friends to heavy bass. Of course, they will work for other types of music as well, since it is capable of covering a bigger range of frequencies at a more decent level than its substitutions. On the contrary, smaller versions will suit fast paced tracks more.

Fifteen-inch woofers are far from the very common option on the market. Their sounding is exactly what is known under ear bleeding bass. If you are looking for such a performance type, then don’t pass by this kind.

Bass Output

On the one hand, shallow mount solutions are beneficial in terms of installation. On the other hand, this saving of space and minimizing of size influences the overall bass response. Regular subs are better when it comes to producing earthshaking sounds. If you would like to find for shallow mount woofers of approximately the same performance, prefer options with higher RMS power rates.

Power Consumption

The size affects the functionality, that’s for sure. However in this case, it is for the better to look for smaller options. Hence the size is not that big, power consumption is also reduced. In turn, to take most of them, there is no need to give your preference to super powerful and thus too expensive amplifying devices.


What will sound louder — a sealed or a ported box?

As a rule, vented enclosure allows woofers to sound louder than their sealed counterparts. The first type will suit those who prefer the “boomy” sounding of music and extra vibrations.

Are there any issues if the box chosen is smaller than necessary for a shallow mount sub?

Without a doubt, particular difficulties will occur. The mistake of selecting not-matching port arrangement and size of woofer is typical for newcomers. It may result in a weaker bass output, as well as in a great port noise. These are definitely not the effects you would like to enjoy when listening to your favorite bass tracks.


Shallow mount subwoofers differentiate with their intuitive and simple installation, so they will become great partners to your car speakers. Regardless of the environment, this solution will boast of bigger rates of power and impact than standard speakers can offer. At the same time, such equipment allows protecting your factory speakers and increases the response and functionality of your system too. Just check the list of recommended units to find out what suits your objectives most.


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