The gaming industry is gaining momentum — the number of active video gamers has already exceeded two and a half billions of enthusiasts, and this tendency doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. The advancement in technologies contributes to the development of this sphere dramatically. However, that doesn’t mean either only modern solutions with top-notch graphics and visual content are highly sought-after.

The Nintendo Entertainment System (simply known as NES) was incredibly popular in the mid 1980s, when it was literally a must-have task to purchase this game console. Although such options as “The Witcher” or “Fortnite” have millions of fans all around the globe, projects like “Super Mario Bros.” or “The Legend of Zelda” are definitely included in the list of the best entertainment activities in history. Customers can easily enjoy the mentioned frontrunners even today, and premium-class NES controllers will come in handy.

Editor’s Choice: Quick Comparison

Special Feature
Dimensions (in inches)
Weight (in ounces)
Price (in US dollars)
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iPremium Wireless Controller for SNES Classic Edition/NES Classic Edition
Excellent device compatibility6 x 3.25 x 36.4***
AGPTEK NES Classic Controller for Nintendo Classic Mini Edition
Replacement conductive pad4.84 x 2.09 x 0.799.5***
Snorain 2 Pack Rechargeable NES Classic Mini Wireless Controller
Premium guarantee6.4 x 4.4 x 2.710.09***
iNNEXT USB SNES Style Controller
Simple setup6.5 x 4.3 x 0.723.6***
TheKidMall NES Classic Edition Wired Controller
Exclusive six-month warranty for replacement or refund6 x 4 x 14.2***

iPremium Wireless Controller for SNES Classic Edition/NES Classic Edition

Of course, a lot of attention has to be paid to the game console itself. But if you choose a low-quality controller which lacks flexibility and functionality, the results may be rather disappointing. The main point is not just to experience sort of vintage solutions on your PC or other device, but to bring it to a new level. The model under consideration is designed with customers’ preferences and needs in mind.

The first thing that simplifies the game flow is the fact these best NES accessories are wireless. With no hassle with wires, installation, maintenance, and care about the equipment are much simplified. It is a common situation when something in the inner composition of wires damages because of folding the pieces for storing, and the entire product becomes useless. This design allows eliminating this problem with ease.

The manufacturer has preferred a special 2.4 GHz wireless technology to provide a remote long-distance mode without any issues for the target recipient — with twenty-four foot of accessibility, the maneuverability available is awesome. To keep up with the same level of sensitivity during game sessions, make sure to recharge batteries when necessary. The duration of one charge reaches up to one hundred hours. Please note the kit requires one Lithium ion battery, but it isn’t included in the package.

The compatibility of the device is way impressive. Apart from linking the unit to casual Windows systems, it will also work well with Linux, iOS, and Android gadgets. This feature is achieved thanks to a USB wireless adapter. On the contrary, consumers should bear in mind the model is engineered especially for original mini versions of SNES/NES, so it isn’t a perfect pair for clone consoles. It lacks compatibility with consoles from 70-80s too. The reason for that is quite simple: there is a difference between ports each of models possesses.

  • Wonderful compatibility
  • Intuitive installation and operation
  • Affordability
  • Wireless solution
  • It doesn’t work for old models of consoles
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AGPTEK NES Classic Controller for Nintendo Classic Mini Edition

When it comes to playing games which originated years ago, it is important to ensure any technical issues will prevent enthusiasts from getting a premium-class user experience. With the help of the model under analysis, beginners will definitely get the feeling and atmosphere of the original play. The best thing that the delight offered will be available not just for solo leveling, but for battling with friends — the kit includes two pieces for simultaneous joy for two participants.

The tag is more than affordable. On Amazon, consumers will save seventeen percent of the full price. Even though it is not a wireless solution, the length of cables is a guarantee of a safe and pleasant activity. That’s one of the reasons why this model is so popular among parents who are looking for marvelous gifts for their children.

The manufacturer has designed this best NES classic controller with cables of 3.6 m (or 11.8 feet) long. As practice shows, such a feature is considerably more than several other alternatives offer. In turn, it allows higher degree of maneuverability for customers, enabling them to be away from screen at a safe distance. At the same time, this eliminates any risks of myopia occurring.

Given the kit includes size pieces of high-qualitative conductive pads, customers become more flexible in adjusting and customizing the device. If you see the layout elements’ response isn’t satisfactory, it is as simple as ABC to solve the issue with the mentioned detail.

Experienced players will enjoy the same layout of buttons to control the game flow — there is no need to get adjusted to a new controller over and over again. Sensitive buttons don’t reduce your chances to manipulate your character’s actions in a timely manner — the level of accuracy is enormous.

Forget about installation challenges as well. The manufacturer has designed the unit in such a way to get rid of extra drivers, so the plug-and-play principle is valid here.

Another beneficial feature to adore is thirty-day return service, which is accompanied with a one-year product replacement warranty. Customer support is always there to assist you.

  • Six pieces of adhesive button pads
  • Built-in cable for greater maneuverability
  • Sensitive and accurate control
  • Easy in operation
  • There may be a problem of buttons pressed not to be “released” accurately afterward
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Snorain 2 Pack Rechargeable NES Classic Mini Wireless Controller

For those who are eager to refresh their memories of playing the greatest NES solutions of all times, this option is more than recommended to consider. If you purchase it on Amazon, you will get an opportunity to add either a two-year or three-year protection plan offer for your product.

The model differentiates with its home/turbo function, which is unfortunately commonly absent in several other alternatives. Easy and convenient in operation, the system provides a total of ten feature input keys, so your game flow will be super efficient and skillful.

The working range reaches ten meters, so consumers are welcome to use their console and this controller from literally any corner of the room. Ten function input buttons provide users with a higher and more accurate control level than other devices.

One mode suitable description that suits the piece is speedy. Customers are enabled to take most out of the game with eliminated hardware resistance. The battery capacity is 400mA, and its rechargeability allows you to stay on the go and not be distracted from the most exciting and interesting moments of your favorite NES solutions. A full recharge requires around two hours. For that, you will get a chance to play for over eight hours with extra recharging.

Don’t hesitate to take an advantage of the device’s compatibility — it can be linked to divergent NES gaming systems and show wonderful efficiency.

  • Main menu function
  • Wireless remote control
  • Connection indicator
  • Endurance for eight hours
  • It is a bit bigger than other models on the list
  • The units may come not charged
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iNNEXT USB SNES Style Controller

If you are looking for something with a more classic design, this model can be skipped without the slightest hesitation — it will fail to rank first in the list of the best retro console accessories. However, a more stylish appearance doesn’t turn the model into a completely insufficient product for the role of the best wireless NES classic controller.

The black finish is accompanied with bright-colored buttons, so you won’t miss the necessary one to press even during the toughest and most complicated game situations.

Don’t forget the unit is wireless. Due to a special advanced technology, customers will get a ten-meter range for playing whenever and wherever you desire. The compatibility of this piece is also wonderful. The list of supported operating systems includes famous Linux and Windows. The model can also boast of linking to and functioning excellently with Lakka, Recalbox, Piplay, and other retro systems.

Users are not limited in selecting the most suitable device for gaming. Raspberry Pi, PCs, and different laptops are always welcome to connect. At the same time, you won’t be able to enjoy the gameflow on your Android TV box or Steam with these controllers.

Ten hours of playtime and quick charge are guaranteed. In general, it will take you a little more than two hours to recharge batteries of the piece. The stand-by period reaches up to one thousand hours. The overall battery capacity is 500mA, and its durability allows customers to forget about replacement hassle for around three years.

  • Eighteen-month replacement warranty
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Endurance for ten hours
  • The unit doesn’t support online activities
  • There some compatibility limitations
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TheKidMall NES Classic Edition Wired Controller

If you are searching for the best NES controller, this model has a lot of chances to become your favorite solution. This wired edition is distinguished with its excellent compatibility. Unlike several substitutions on the market, it will work well with all NES classic mini consoles.

The installation is a piece of cake for any enthusiast, and won’t cause any difficulties for non-techno-savvy customers. All you have to do is simply to plug the device into your console and start enjoying favorite solutions from a reputable software producer.

Please note the solution under consideration is a replica of the original NES controller. However, it doesn’t mean the functionality of a newer modern style is lacking. Presuming the authentic button layout to your fingertips, this unit is created to improve your user experience and make sure accurate controller response is guaranteed.

With the increasing popularity of the NES gaming system, just one controller may become a problem. However, the manufacturer offers sets with two pieces in the kit. This package will be your right shot if you would like to achieve a personal controller for your own joy and delight.

Another thing that may seem a bit inconvenient in use is the actual length of the built-in cable. With six-foot wire, there should be no extra difficulties for players, but there are models with a longer solution. On the one hand, a too long cable isn’t convenient for storing, and the risks for its damage are higher. On the other hand, the level of flexibility and maneuverability for recipients is lowered too.

  • Authentic design
  • Six-month warranty
  • Nice compatibility
  • One controller in the kit
  • Not too long cable
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Buyer’s Guide

What is the best controller for NES classic? Even though the number of producers is quite big, the options they offer are not radically divergent. The explanation is simple: a lot simply chooses a mimicking approach in designing and constructing the pieces, which is expected by customers, to tell the truth. Such old-school games can be hardly associated with modern joysticks, so the preference is given to following retro trends. Everything is done to preserve the same authentic atmosphere when the console and controllers just started their story on the market.

However, there are still a few moments to consider if you want to make sure you will select the best controller for NES classic.

Construction Peculiarities

The first and most crucial decision is to choose which type of control you like more — wireless or with built-in cables. Each of them may be beneficial, but the second option is believed to offer less flexibility, especially if the overall cable length leaves much to be desired. It is not recommended to play too close to your device’s screen, so don’t forget to include these parameters into influential quality indicators to finalize the purchase.

Number of Pieces

There are kits that include either one or two controllers. Your task is to consider whether you are going to play solo or entertain with your family and friends. The price fluctuations will take place as well.


Buying the very first cheap model may turn out to be a far cry from the best decision. Don’t forget to check how compatible your dedicated solution is. It concerns not just the NES or SNES versions it can work with, but also operating systems and gadgets.


What is the way to sync my Nintendo NES accessories?

If you would like to connect the controller with a console you have, all you need to do is to press and hold a particular combination of buttons. In order to enter the pairing mode, use the following combination — START plus SELECT plus UP.

Are Wii controllers compatible with NES classic consoles?

Such models can be applied with the classic edition in case a two-player game is on the go. The models that are designed directly for NES or SNES will suit better.


The list of these top-notch controllers allows interesting parties to select the best accessories to boost up their NES or SNES classic console experience. If you don’t want to deal with cables, just choose wireless options. If you desire something more unique than classic designs, there are solutions available as well. Just a simple quick comparison will help you find what you are looking for.


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