More and more customers interested in the best way to select the right amplifier for the speakers and/or subwoofers appear on a daily basis. However, your choice assortment isn’t limited by standard solutions only. It is a high time to get acquainted with excellent alternatives for heavy and expensive chassis amplifiers, and subwoofer plate amps are today’s heroes. Stay tuned to find out how and what to select to boost up your music experience. Onwards!

Editor’s Choice: Quick Comparison

Special Feature
Dimensions (in inches)
Weight (in pounds)
Price (in US dollars)
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Sound Town Class-D Plate Amplifier
Bluetooth connectivity18 x 9 x 68.4*
Seismic Audio SA-APT002-500 Watt Plate Amplifier
Satellite output17 x 8 x 4.59.3**
Yung SD300 Class D Subwoofer Plate Amplifier
Room optimization9 x 8 x 0.253.7**
Dayton Audio SA100 100W Subwoofer Plate Amplifier
Adjustable low pass crossover4.72 x 8.66 x 7.488.55***
Dayton Audio SA25 25W Subwoofer Plate Amplifier
Speaker relay feature7.48 x 4.72 x 8.662.5***

Sound Town Class-D Plate Amplifier

Without a doubt, an amplifier is designed to improve the sound quality of your audio system. With many types available on the market, plate amplifiers seem to be not so popular and sought-after. However, their installation will contribute to the performance of different platforms. The main task of the device is to increase the power degree of line-level signals from the source gadget and then transmit them to recipient tools — everything to drive a speaker with the highest efficiency possible.

The mentioned challenge is a piece of cake for the best subwoofer plate amplifier by Sound Town. With over fifteen-year experience in the field of professional audio equipment production and design, this brand is a reputable team of skillful enthusiasts, who know which methods to apply and what materials to choose to make the bass at the customers’ end ground-shaking and breath-taking.

Although that is not a subwoofer plate amplifier 1000w, which is a rather rare offer on the market, this model is the most powerful solution on the list. It is capable of producing four hundred watts of RMS power, and this amount is more than enough to drive solutions that are either sensitive or hard-to-drive.

Please note that the amplifier under account has a class D circuitry. In turn, its inner design is created to match various options to link and numerous sound schemas to the full extent.

The system can also boast of its excellent connectivity. On the one hand, customers are free to pair the device with a wide range of gadgets that are Bluetooth-compatible. This will contribute to the ease of use for the target audience. On the other hand, inputs and outputs present (for instance, apart from standard line inputs, the manufacturer has equipped the machine with one XLR loop output) allow users to connect pieces such as microphones and other complicated systems without any loss in sound quality.

On the top of that, bass and treble control comes along with two-band EQ are the best thing to tune melodies and performance accuracy or level of sound warmth in the way you like and need. All the things considered, such a device is a marvelous gift for all the consumers who have a burning desire to reinforce their PA systems.

  • Massive and clear sound
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • Great connectivity
  • Wonderful adjustment tools
  • Compared to other products on the list, it is a bit more expensive
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Seismic Audio SA-APT002-500 Watt Plate Amplifier

If you are looking for the best sub amp plate, the model offered by Seismic Audio is definitely worth considering. For the affordable price, especially on Amazon, you will get two hundred and fifty watts of RMS power (up to five hundred watts of peak power) and the excellent durability which AB class amplifiers usually show.

The use of solid and steady materials only complements the overall longevity of the system. The manufacturer also benefits their target audience with a one-year warranty for their production. So if there are any issues or problems, you will get assistance from the brand support team of experts.

This amplifier is designed to simplify various sound adjustment and customization operations. With the help of master volume controls, users are welcome to tune the accuracy and power of tone reproduction. Feel free to give a try to different combinations of gain, bass, mid, and treble to achieve the most desirable result.

Along with a three-band equalizer, the piece is distinguished with its functional protection system. Giving your preference to the model under analysis means to choose the unit without any harsh challenges caused by overload, over current or short circuit damages, etc.

When you succeed with installation, you will be able to enjoy super powerful, loud, and clean audio performance. This solution will suit those enthusiasts who dream of modifying their PA systems. In simple words, that is a suite of audio products, consisting of a couple of speakers and woofers. The pieces are aimed at delivering music for groups of people, namely, during festivals or various venues.

  • Wonderful controls
  • Excellent protection system
  • One-year warranty from the manufacturer
  • Satellite power output
  • Complicated setup
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Yung SD300 Class D Subwoofer Plate Amplifier

When you are searching for the right subwoofer plate amp for your equipment, its dimensions are to be taken into account. That is an urgent necessity for those who perform in front of different people on a regular basis and have to transport a lot of machines frequently. In this perspective, the fewer pieces your system has while preserving the same level of quality, the better and more flexible it is for customers.

A regular subwoofer amplifier can weigh over twenty pounds, and it is not a dream of every musician to cope with all those wires before their concert or hall party. The Yung SD300 weighs a little less than four pounds. So it allows enthusiasts to save the expected level of maneuverability. Even though the machine of the kind should be mounted to your woofer, the number of wires will be significantly reduced.

The measured power output of the model reaches three hundred watts RMS. The impedance balance is four ohm. The signal to noise ratio which determines the clarity of sound production is less than ninety decibels — you won’t be disappointed and distracted by any sort of distortion volumes.

Apart from being lightweight and compact, this system is also adjustable. The manufacturer has equipped this option with crossover, low pass, and phase filters. Another excellent thing about the machine by Yung is its standby mode. When the latter is on, the amplifier’s operation is possible with energy consumption of less than half a watt.

Of course, this amp can be used in different areas. On the one hand, customers are welcome to hook it to twelve-inch car subwoofers. On the other hand, this unit is a wonderful home theater subwoofer plate amplifier as well.

  • Nice durability
  • Gorgeous adjustment features
  • Standby mode
  • Lightweight
  • The solution isn’t two ohm stable
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Dayton Audio SA100 100W Subwoofer Plate Amplifier

The variety of subwoofer plate amps can be hardly compared with the divergence of regular solutions, but there is still a nice range of devices on the market. To make sure you are going to make the right shot, pay attention to the solution’s manufacturer. The chances you will receive a qualitative item created to last are considerably higher from a known and thus reputable manufacturer than from a cheap producer. Happy-medium solutions can also take place, and the models presented by Dayton Audio are the best sample to illustrate such a scenario.

The company prefers great materials for their equipment but without investing into a large chassis, which helps save costs and therefore select a not so high price tag.

SA100 isn’t the most powerful amplifier users can buy. However, even one hundred watts of RMS power at four ohms and seventy-five watts RMS at eight ohms can alter the game for the better. The system possesses a wide range of high and low level outputs and inputs. That signalizes the marvelous connectivity of the machine under consideration.

This amplifier can switch on and off automatically, which is useful during non-stop audio sessions. Audiophiles will like the model for its low distortion performance, no matter to which woofer the piece is mounted. Another excellent feature about this unit is its low pass crossover. Consumers can adjust frequencies to be produced by the amp, so it increases the quality of the end result.

  • Adjustable low pass crossover
  • Excellent suite of inputs and outputs
  • Full overload protection
  • Phase reversal switch
  • Rather heavyweight
  • Less powerful than the other competitors on the list
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Dayton Audio SA25 25W Subwoofer Plate Amplifier

For those consumers who need a lightweight amplifier, this solution will become a nice option to select. Weighing just a little more than two pounds, it will suit both travelers who would like to listen to their favorite music without any loss in quality and people who would like to minimize the overall space necessary for their music equipment.

Besides, this option will work excellently for the audiophiles who need to modify their old models. If the repair procedures aren’t recommended, such a replacement will prolong the life cycle of the beloved and time-tested tools.

This amplifier offers good sound. It doesn’t matter whether you will match it with four-inch or eight-inch subwoofers, it will perform more than satisfactory. However, please note the device under analysis is capable of producing twenty-five watts only. In this perspective, it won’t become the best solution for large systems where it is important to preserve high accuracy of sound reproduction, no matter how loud the performance is.

At the same time, the system is equipped with line-level and speaker-level inputs. That means enthusiasts can hook up the piece to any system, so its connectivity allows stable work with both speakers and subwoofers.

This universal model possesses a special speaker relay feature. With its help, the risk of experiencing turn-off thumps is almost eliminated. Dayton Audio also offers their low pass crossover with variable frequencies. You are able to tune melodies from sixty to one hundred and eighty Hertz.

The price is super beneficial. If you are looking for the most affordable plate amplifier, this product will turn out to become your absolute champion. Users are free to purchase the unit for less than fifty dollars on Amazon.

  • Universal solution
  • Speaker relay
  • Lightweight
  • Variable low pass crossover
  • Affordable
  • Low-powerful
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Buyer’s Guide

The difference between a standard and a plate amplifier is that there isn’t any real chassis in the second case. If you take the product and check its back part, you will see a circuitry, connecting to the plate for heat and a bunch of wires. In turn, the enclosure of the woofer or speaker becomes the box for it. Usually, subwoofer plate amps are made of aluminum, but they can be also be crafted with aluminum.

To tell the truth, such solutions have very much in common with regular amplifiers and perform approximately the same. What distinguishes them from alternative options is their cost-efficiency. Taking into account you don’t have to spend extra money just for the machine’s chassis, especially for expensive metal ones, this purchase seems to be incredibly budget-friendly.

At the same time, consumers have to be more thoughtful of how to set up this unit correctly. Manufacturers usually provide their own manuals, describing the best and most sound ways to proceed with this task without a hassle.

When choosing your soulmate plate amplifier, pay attention to how matching RMS ratings of different equipment are. For subwoofers, there is no need to select super powerful solutions with over one thousand watts of RMS power.

Check out the connections. If you would like to provide more room for adjustment by reducing the number of wires, consider models which can boast of built-in Bluetooth. This will help you get a more hands-on experience and simplify operation of the system. Depending on the number of items you would like to connect to the amplifier, consider how many outputs and inputs (and of what quality) you need to satisfy all your objectives.

The quality of controls is also important. At least a two-band equalizer has to be present in the model to choose. It will enhance your abilities in the role of a sound message recipient and tune the performance to your liking without a difficulty. Besides, such controls as bass, treble, and phase filter will allow you to match the elements of your audio system. If users would like to vary the active point of the amplifier’s frequency performance, the top priority is not to miss the presence and functionality of the crossover function.


Why should I pay attention to RMS power listed?

This indicator is necessary to select the best and most suitable equipment for your subwoofers. If you mess up, it may lead to overload and damage of your audio system. In order to select the right amplifier for your woofers, first check what the rate of RMS power for your subs is. The next step to consider (or count) the quantity of woofers you would like to have or implement into your system. The following calculation is simple: you are to multiply the number of woofers by the RMS indicator of each. That will help you get the total rating of RMS power. The final thing to do is to compare the performance of the amplifier under consideration with what your system offers. Make sure that the selected amp isn’t more powerful than the mentioned pieces.

Which class of amplifier is best to select?

Several enthusiasts prefer class A amplifiers for its high gain and great linearity, but class D and AB solutions are considerably more common and easier to find and thus maintain. Class AB options are known for their lowest levels of distortion at highest rates of output power. At the same time, class D amplifiers are much more efficient and differentiate with more valuable durability. For instance, they are designed to produce less heat than their counterparts. The clarity of sound reproduction is also marvelous.

Which ohm-rate should I consider to pick up the best subwoofer?

A lot depends on your perspectives and objectives. If you would like to stick to the safe side and achieve excellent sound quality but at moderate volumes, then four ohm solutions will come in handy. Besides, it is one of the most spread options on the market. However, if you are looking for a device to hit as hard as possible, then the lower the number of ohms applied is, the better the expected result will be. At the same time, don’t forget that one ohm pieces tend to heat up more than their alternatives.

Wrap It Up

Understanding what a plate amplifier is and which quality indicators will help you select best solutions is necessary to make up your mind whether it is worth sticking to these non-traditional amps in your particular case. If you are in the club, just check out our top of the most efficient subwoofer plate amplifiers to start an exciting journey in the world of professional and deep bass here and now!


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