The divergence of sound can be hardly described briefly. Without a doubt, musicians like effects since they allow achieving different melodies and tunes while using the same equipment. However, the classic clean performance is a must to be second to none.

Simple is often genius. The same we can say about the Editor’s Choice of the best clean guitar amplifiers.

Are you ready for a fascinating journey into the world of traditional sound? Don’t forget to wear your belt — here we go!

Editor’s Choice: Quick Comparison

Special Feature
Wattage (in watts)
Dimensions (in inches)
Weight (in pounds)
Check Price
Fender Champion 20 Electric Guitar Amplifier
Fender Champion 20 Electric Guitar AmplifierBreathtaking sounding divergence2016 x 12 x 166.6**Frontrunner
Marshall Acoustic Soloist AS50D Acoustic Guitar Amplifier
Marshall Acoustic Soloist AS50D Acoustic Guitar AmplifierOutstanding compatibility5021.34 x 10.28 x 16.3836.3*Runner-up
Monoprice 611705 1x8 Guitar Combo Tube Amplifier
Monoprice 611705 1x8 Guitar Combo Tube AmplifierGorgeous durability512 x 12.2 x 8.313.2**Bronze medal
Fishman PRO-LBT-500 Loudbox Mini Acoustic Guitar Bluetooth Amplifier
Fishman PRO-LBT-500 Loudbox Mini Acoustic Guitar Bluetooth AmplifierBluetooth compatibility6026 x 16 x 1622*
Roland Micro Cube GX 1x5 Battery Powered Guitar Combo Amp
Roland Micro Cube GX 1x5 Battery Powered Guitar Combo AmpCompatibility with iOS devices39.72 x 8.94 x 6.775.95**
Roland JC-22 Jazz Chorus Guitar Amplifier
Roland JC-22 Jazz Chorus Guitar AmplifierTwo 6.5-inch speakers309.72 x 8.94 x 6.7729*
Orange Electric Guitar Power Amplifier
Orange Electric Guitar Power AmplifierBeneficial purchase127.87 x 11.81 x 12.611.46***
YMC Electric Guitar Combo Amplifier
YMC Electric Guitar Combo AmplifierConvenient operation1012.2 x 10.63 x 3.94.82***
Archer TUBULARBK Tubular Guitar Combo Amplifier
Archer TUBULARBK Tubular Guitar Combo AmplifierClass A circuitry515 x 9 x 1420**
JOYO BantamP Series Meteor Mini Amp Head
JOYO BantamP Series Meteor Mini Amp HeadA perfect match for foot pedals2010.1 x 6.2 x 6.24.09**

Reviews Section

1. Fender Champion 20 Electric Guitar Amplifier

Fender Champion 20 Electric Guitar AmplifierNumerous guitarists are striving to find a machine that will highlight the beauty of clear sound. Of course, special effects contribute greatly to the melodies’ divergence, but the classic performance should be performed at a decent level. For this purpose, Fender Champion is the best amp for clean tone.

Even though this model isn’t a champion when it comes to the most budget price or lightweightness, the product differentiates with a harmonic combination of all the features. Such a 20-watt machine is enough for driving different devices simultaneously. The system of ins and outs is gorgeously performed. One of the greatest things is that you can easily plug in your CD or MP3 player to train your skills alone like if you are a band’s member. Besides, on the front panel, there is a special phones jack dedicated for so-called “silent” performances. With its help, the users play guitar and don’t disturb relatives or friends with loud music.

The best guitar amp for clean tone has a convenient control toolbar. The knobs provide a solid grip and allow adjusting voice, treble, bass, gain, and some other parameters. What is precious, the device under consideration is suitable not for clean tones only. Musicians can adjust the sound and select one of the seventeen various amp schemes. In this perspective, Fender Champion is easily accommodated to literally any music style and genre.

Taking into consideration the overall structure of the amp’s body (it’s open cabinet), this model is convenient for storing cables or small accessories. Weighing a little more than six pounds, the amplifier gets a solid A from us for its transportation and mobility terms.

With the total impedance of eight ohms, the machine will become a perfect match for numerous devices. For less than two hundred dollars, you will achieve a versatile and flexible tool to produce not just excellent clean guitar sounds, but also improve your overall musical experience.

P.S. If you still doubt whether to go for this model, here is one more fact: the manufacturer provides consumers with a great opportunity to replace the ordered item in case of any production issues. This warranty is valid for five years after the purchase.

  • Seventeen amp modes
  • Compatibility
  • Lightweight
  • Five-year limited warranty
  • Affordability
  • No major drawbacks found
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2. Marshall Acoustic Soloist AS50D Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

Love at the first sight exists, and the Marshall Acoustic Soloist machine will conquer your heart straight away. Its vintage design is something unbelievable. Performed in brown tones, the model’s appearance evokes warm and cozy feelings. However, the functionality offered makes this body sound like a real rock star.

What is so fascinating about this amplifier? The developer has designed the equipment to produce fifty watts. With such power, the users will find this tool effective and productive not just for home training sessions. Your guitar performance will be heard nicely even if you play in a band or in a large hall.

Taking into consideration the fact that the model is a two-channel amplifier, clean sounding is accompanied with overdriven tones. The use of up-market tubes and other materials is a guarantee of the prolonged life cycle (of course, proper care is essential).

The suite of adjustments and controls is second to none. Apart from casual bass and treble, the system enables guitar players to boost performance quality with effects loop and anti-feedback notch filter.

Moreover, the machine differentiates with excellent compatibility. You can either connect it to your MP3 player or to the drums.

Unfortunately, this tool is definitely far from what we can call a budget purchase. The heavyweightness is also a considerable drawback. However, every penny is worth spending for achieving such power.

  • Awesome adjustments
  • Marvelous performance
  • Gorgeous clean sound
  • Excellent vintage design
  • Heavyweight
  • Up-market price tag
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3. Monoprice 611705 1×8 Guitar Combo Tube Amplifier

If you are looking for the best clean guitar combo amp, the first thing to pay attention to is the construction quality. Monoprice is not just a reputable brand in the industry. With over fifteen years on the market, the company has developed hundreds of the best clean amps. If you want to avoid constant details’ replacement, make sure the original “stuffing” is designed at a decent level.

In the case of this manufacturer, the traditional details are preferred. On the one hand, 12AX7 and ECC83 tubes have stood the test of time and proved to be reliable for amplifying equipment. On the other hand, these elements are rather standard. So, you won’t face any difficulties trying to find them on the market.

The design reminds of elegant vintage times and will suit any interior. Equipped with a handle, the machine simplifies carrying and transporting.

The product isn’t only easy in operation and adjustment. The Monoprice tool handles a wide range of frequencies (from eight to ten thousand Hertz). Total harmonic distortion of less than 1% guarantees excellent sound quality. The system also possesses high and low inputs. As a result, the machine allows attenuating clean sounding in a very accurate manner. Besides, overdrive mode is great as well.

  • Affordable price
  • Solid construction
  • Excellent clean sound
  • Awesome portability
  • Lack of adjustments possible
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4. Fishman PRO-LBT-500 Loudbox Mini Acoustic Guitar Bluetooth Amplifier

The system is equipped with volume and phase controls. With sixty watts of power, this best clean amp is suitable both for playing at home and practicing at studios and pretty large halls. This versatile machine has a great connectivity system, so you can smoothly link this element into your music band’s suite of instruments.

Apart from deep clean sound, the tool has reverb and chorus effects. Applying them, a musician is capable of styling melodies in multiple ways. In comparison to alternatives on the market, the model possesses a rather small woofer — just 6.5 inches. However, that doesn’t decrease the maximum loudness achievable.

Another thing to note is a multifaceted experience of the producer. Fishman has been developing and designing music equipment for more than thirty-five years. It is a rather long term for a company, isn’t it? What’s more important, this brand is known far beyond the US borders.

However, there are some features that might seem a considerable disadvantage for the consumers. First of all, the model is pretty heavyweight — 22 pounds. Secondly, the price tag is high as well (it is one of the most expensive machines on the list). At the same time, Fishman’s warm and accurate sound continues conquering the hearts of musicians worldwide.

  • Great productivity
  • Good controls
  • Excellent clean sound
  • High price tag
  • Heavyweight
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5. Roland Micro Cube GX 1×5 Battery Powered Guitar Combo Amp

A lot of people think of guitar amplifiers like big and super powerful machines. However, the case is a little more ambiguous. Since there is a demand on low-watt and compact equipment, the producing companies are always there to satisfy that need. Roland is a reputable manufacturer, and their mini amplifiers are pretty popular.

The model’s power rate is three watts only. Without a doubt, this amount of, let us say, energy isn’t enough for big performances. Even playing guitar in the band may be difficult (there is a high risk you just won’ be heard). However, if you are looking for a convenient in use amplifier for home training, this option is the best match.

The unit is equipped with a five-inch speaker. For mono-guitarists, this combo of size and power allows playing effortlessly and pretty loud to enjoy the process. Due to the i-Cube link, the amplifier under consideration is compatible with iOS devices. To note, the interface cable is included in the kit.

For easy transportation, the model possesses a carry strap. Moreover, there are two ways to run the device — either on batteries or on AC power with the help of adapter. When charged to the full, it is capable of performing for hours non-stop.

Besides, the system has great adjustment capabilities. With eight DSP effects, musicians can use the model without any need to plug it in the pedals for greater results.

  • Compatibility with iOS devices
  • Ultra-compact machine
  • Suitable for playing on the go
  • Lack of advanced features
  • Low-watt
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6. Roland JC-22 Jazz Chorus Guitar Amplifier

Roland JC-22 Jazz Chorus Guitar AmplifierWithout a doubt, this unit is a unique member of our list because it possesses two speakers. Of course, this construction has influenced the model’s weight — 29 pounds. Even though it is far from the largest music equipment in our top-10, it still may bring several unpleasant minutes when transporting the device. Besides, the model is one of the most expensive amplifiers in today’s review.

So, what’s the point? The Roland amplifier possesses thirty-watt power and is capable of driving numerous instruments. The system of inputs and outputs is well-thought-out. What’s more important, the inner construction allows connecting a couple of instruments simultaneously without a risk to overload the entire system. In this perspective, if you are looking for a stable and safe performance during hours, this unit is pure treasure.

The adjustments and controls are gorgeous. The guitarists are enabled to customize the sound with middle, bass, reverb, treble, and some other knobs. The system also has a chorus feature. You can control its speed and depth.

Overall, this unit functions excellently in terms of stereo sounding. However, classic clean performance is awesome as well.

  • True stereo sound
  • Qualitative construction
  • Good for pedals
  • Great materials applied
  • Heavyweight
  • Premium price tag
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7. Orange Electric Guitar Power Amplifier

The classic design is bright, juicy, and definitely eye-catching: an orange and black color palette reminds of stylish vintage times. Easy installation, intuitive operation, fast learning-curve — these features allow us to call the device under analysis a beneficial model for the beginners.

Even though this device isn’t a powerhouse, its twelve watts are enough to run different equipment. The model is furnished with a six-inch speaker, so it is capable of producing pretty loud sounds. The portability level is also great: weighing less than twelve pounds, this equipment is wonderful for playing on the go.

Prima clean sound is combined with good overdrive performance. To note, the controls are great, too.

If you are looking for a beneficial investment, you have come to the right manufacturer. On the one hand, the unit is significantly cheaper than several alternatives (including its competitors on the list as well). On the other hand, on Amazon, consumers are welcome to use the coupon advantage and save more than thirty percent on this purchase.

  • Great affordability
  • Stylish design
  • Great portability
  • Simple operation
  • A lack of advanced features
  • Performance at high volumes may not be powerful
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8. YMC Electric Guitar Combo Amplifier

Convinced that it is a Mission Impossible to find the best clean guitar amp at a reasonable price? Don’t be upset, as we are going to get this myth busted. Welcome YMC Electric Guitar Combo Amplifier! For less than fifty dollars, this equipment has a lot of efficient features to amaze.

To start with, with power of ten watts, this amplifier is a wonderful choice for the beginners. Easy in operation and installation, the medalist of the list possesses special ultra-thin design. Don’t be tricked with its compact size — the equipment is capable of producing fascinating and loud sounds.

Overall, the users are enabled to control and adjust such parameters, as bass, gain, treble, and volume. In addition, two-band EQ is very effective. With the help of the amp’s drive, guitar players can easily switch between different tones. Apart from excellent clean sounding, the tool differentiates with gorgeous overdriven notes.

Also, the system has a headphone out, so silent practice mode is available. A LED indicator allows customers to make sure the device is switched on.

Weighing less than five pounds, this amplifier has high chances to satisfy musicians who travel a lot. The model is portable. Besides, its compact sizes provide the users with several storing and placement options.

At this price point, the machine is a budget and worthy gift for the newcomers in the guitar music world.

  • Lightweightness
  • Super affordability
  • Awesome portability
  • Easy operation
  • Lack of advanced features
  • The model may be considered ineffective for experienced consumers
  • There may be issues with the device’s overdrive channel
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9. Archer TUBULARBK Tubular Guitar Combo Amplifier

If you are searching for a suitable device for home training sessions, this model is exactly what you need. The beginners will find the equipment under consideration especially effective. Even though this amplifier doesn’t possess up-market adjustments or special music effects, its ease of installation and use is worth prizing.

The producer has designed the tool to have a single-ended class A circuit. In plain English, the model has a solid backup to withstand long-term non-stop operation and produce excellent sound at the same time. The tool ranked tenth is compatible with 8-ohm and 16-ohm devices as for its impedance balance.

The inner stuffing is rather standard for the guitar amplifiers — 12Ax7 and EL84 tubes. These elements are a guarantee of great durability. Besides, in case of any issues, you will find replacement details easily.

The eight-inch speaker and the overall five-watt system are enough to produce pretty loud sound. However, this model may turn out to be too simple for the large halls.

Another great thing is the materials’ choice. Leather bounding is accompanied with a mesh grill. The black-and-silver color palette makes the equipment suitable for any location.

  • Classic performance
  • Nice compatibility
  • Ease of adjusting
  • The model may be too simple for experienced musicians
  • A lack of advanced controls
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10. JOYO BantamP Series Meteor Mini Amp Head

A combination of classic guitar amplifier technologies with modern innovations in the field — the JOYO machine is one of the best clean guitar amps in our list. The reasons for this choice are quite obvious.

First of all, the amplifier is the most lightweight device in our top-10. This hybrid tool differentiates with its excellent portability properties. With compact design, the tool is a great solution for those who prefer playing guitar on the go.

Regardless of its dimensions, the JOYO model is pretty compatible. Believe it or not, its body construction and the suite of ins and outs make it the best companion to pedals (we recommend considering a TS-type). Connecting these two machines will allow achieving high-gain sound. To note, the sound will be also cleaner and clearer.

Little pigeons can carry a great message: with twenty-watts available, the unit is capable of running numerous instruments, even some hard-to-drive ones.

In case you wish to practice silently, feel free to use all the benefits of the built-in headphone out.

The model is presented in different color versions — from red Jackman to white Vivo.

  • Deep clean sound
  • Awesome for foot pedals
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • The system may seem inconvenient since it doesn’t include a built-in speaker
  • Compatible with electric guitars only
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Buyer’s Guide

Knowledge is a power, especially when it comes to the unexplored areas. If you are new in the guitar amplifier universe or just want to make sure your choice will be beneficial, check out the main things to bear in mind when buying such equipment.

Number of Channels

It may seem that mono-channel solutions are enough for those who are searching for the best clean guitar amplifiers. Of course, it is partly true. However, even if you are a beginner, it is always necessary to prepare beforehand for the future desires. A number of channels is a significant parameter that defines how divergent your performance will be. A so-called monoblock is good for the beginners who prefer classic sounding. Two-channel options allow switching between clean and overdrive tuning, adding more air and capacity into the sound.


If you have an electric guitar, you will definitely need an amplifier to simulate the sound that you hear in the real songs. All the controls will vary, depending on what unit you are going to purchase, but there are a couple of things to consider firstly. The EQ section is a must. With its help, the guitar players can adjust the sound and literally make it duller or brighter. The EQ may be two- or three-band. In this case, the more is the better.


Powerhouses are usually an expensive pleasure. If you are not an expert playing for the large audiences, the models with over one hundred watts are just useless. The beginners or home musicians will simply not use all the range of advanced equipment to the full extent. Let’s be more precise. In case you are selecting a machine for basic guitar experience, then options up to thirty watts are enough. With the enlargement of your audience or the number of musical instruments in the system, we recommend considering more powerful solutions like sixty-watt models.


What is a clean guitar amplifier?

In simple words, a clean amplifier produces true sounds of your equipment without adding any effects. It is a performance without or with minimal level of distortion.

Are tube amplifiers the best solution for guitars?

Of course, everything depends on your equipment. In the majority of cases, though, they do sound better. The reason for that is the fact they produce more musical sound and distortion. Besides, their load is more appropriate to transducers.

Wrap It Up

People often make the choice of a qualitative equipment coincide with a huge responsibility. With our article, we would like to add a note of fun to the process. Think wisely and use the benefits of our tips and recommendations. Then you will certainly find the clean guitar amplifier of your dream. Boost your playing experience with our Editor’s Choice up-market amplifiers!

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