A lot of customers may face a quandary, trying to select the best bass solution for their existing home theater system. Is it possible to choose a device to make you move and enjoy low frequencies to the full extent then? Absolutely! Just stick to the recommendations from our experts and check the list of the premium-class subwoofers. Each of them will complement your home theater experience.

Are you ready to start this investigation trip? Mind the gap!

Editor’s Choice: Quick Comparison

Special Feature
Dimensions (in inches)
Weight (in pounds)
Price (in US dollars)
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Polk Audio PSW10 10” Powered Subwoofer
Smooth integration with other elements16.2 x 14 x 14.426***
BIC America F12 12-Inch 475-Watt Front-Firing Powered Subwoofer
Five-year manufacturer warranty17 x 14.8 x 1740.3**
Kanto SUB6MG Powered Subwoofer
Functional low-pass filter12 x 12 x 13.213***
Klipsch R-100SW 10” Subwoofer
Maximum compatibility16.94 x 12.5 x 14.7526**
Earthquake Sound CP8 Couch Potato Slim 8-Inch Subwoofer
Slim enclosure design24 x 12 x 724.6**

Polk Audio PSW10 10” Powered Subwoofer

What do you usually want to achieve from a subwoofer? The first thought is to get the premium sounding of bass notes, isn’t it? However, it is not enough just to select a device that is advertised to produce low frequencies without issues. The overall construction quality and compatibility with other equipment also matter, and that is where the tool by Polk Audio can come in handy.

That is not only the best home theater subwoofer under 300: this machine differentiates with its profound functionality and durability. Please note that those customers who would like to save some funds on the purchase are welcome to check the deal on the Amazon platform. It is the most affordable option on the list.

This bestseller product is a perfect match for consumers who have limited placement capacity. If you are looking for an elegant piece, that is the right shot as well. The traditional wooden look is accompanied by a titanium baffle box. The manufacturer prefers high-roll foam for surrounds’ design. Due to the feature, a longer excursion is achieved. What is more, the use of a polymer composite driver allows transmitting a more accurate and powerful bass punch.

You aren’t obliged to be a master in equipment installation and sound adjustment to set up the model. On the back panel, users will access necessary control buttons and a suite of inputs and outputs. By the way, the unit is equipped with a built-in amplifier, which doubles the power of signal to deliver.

It is not a challenge to hook up this piece and connect it with other subwoofers. This is possible due to a Phase Toggle Switch. The machine is capable of delivering one hundred watts of power. However, the manufacturer has designed the model in such a way to eliminate any risks of “washing-machine-performance” syndrome.

The frequency response range is from forty to one hundred and sixty Hertz. Taking into account the preference is given to resonance-free materials, the quality of sound reproduction will be as accurate and excellent even after a prolonged term of listening to your favorite bass hits.

  • Unique design
  • Stable performance at different frequencies
  • Resonance-free driver materials
  • Easy connection
  • Affordable price tag
  • No considerable drawbacks found
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BIC America F12 12-Inch 475-Watt Front-Firing Powered Subwoofer

Another nominee for the rank of the best subwoofer for home theater under 300 is the product by BIC America. The corporation was founded back in 1950, and since then their specialists have become known for their great contribution to the development of the international market of hi-end audio equipment. As you can guess, the tool under analysis is included in the list of their most efficient discoveries.

Unlike several alternatives released by competitive brands, this one is distinguished by its unique features. If customers are eager to purchase a stand-out option, check the following functionality. To start with, the manufacturer backs up this model with their special five-year warranty for parts and labor. If you are unlucky to face any problem with the piece received, feel free to reach out the company’s support team for a top-notch assistance line.

The range of frequency response is within 25-200 Hertz, so lowest tones are at your earliest disposal. With a magnetic shielding, gold-plated terminals, and heavy duty surround, the model is likely to last for ages. It offers one hundred and fifty watts RMS. The only thing to consider when matching the unit with other devices is their impedance balance: this particular unit has eight ohms to work with.

The manufacturer can boast of their patented “Venturi” technology, due to which port noise is not just reduced — it is completely eliminated. The solution will suit those individuals who are trying to find a flexible in navigation and customization option. The F12 is distinguished by a volume control and crossover, where adjustability is the main focus. The overall setting process is much simplified by the function of automatic signal sensing.

The compatibility is another advantage of the model under consideration. Apart from high-level inputs for speakers, subwoofers, and other tools, you are welcome to use the benefits of inputs for Dolby Digital/DTS and Dolby Pro Logic. It has never been easier to boost up your home theater experience just with the help of one unit.

  • Well-thought-out set of connections
  • Finish-black laminate
  • Five-year warranty
  • Adjustable crossover
  • It is a cumbersome and heavyweight model
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Kanto SUB6MG Powered Subwoofer

In general, there are two types of subwoofers — active and passive. The main difference between them lies in the presence or absence of a built-in amplification device. On the market, there are considerably more active, also known as powered, solutions. If you are looking for the best powered subwoofer under 300, the model from Kanto can turn into a great surprise for you.

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that people are accustomed to buying products from top-ranked organizations only. The majority of brands with a global popularity were founded in the 50-s of the previous century, but some relatively new brands in the industry are also worth competitors. Since 2007, Kanto has been gradually becoming a solid producer of CE products. The motto of the team is to maintain a gorgeous customers’ digital lifestyle, and this approach is obvious even after a quick glance at their solutions.

To tell the truth, with a six-inch driver and protective grille, that is the smallest subwoofer on the list. However, that doesn’t make it the least powerful by any means. The machine features a class D amplifier built-in. The latter element is designed to pump out up to two hundred watts. The cabinet is made of acoustic grade MDF. In turn, that means the negative effect of undesirable resonance is reduced.

This particular piece is present in matte grey, but you are free to choose from a great color palette, including gloss white and matte black too.

The unit possesses a phase switch and precision low-pass filter. With their help, users can integrate the Kanto development into divergent pre-existing systems. Besides, this machine can boast of its line level input and crossover frequency control detail.

  • Compact design
  • Reduced vibration
  • Smooth integration
  • Standby mode
  • Clean and uncolored sound
  • After a prolonged use term, there may be issues with a fuse
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Klipsch R-100SW 10” Subwoofer

The best subwoofer for music under 300 isn’t the one that costs less than others. Without a doubt, it is that model which is capable of delivering the most accurate and clean sound without any overwhelmed and annoying resonance. Numerous experienced customers can guarantee the Klipsch production is designed to satisfy these objectives and even deeper consumers’ insights. Let’s check what R-100SW is ready to offer.

This ten-inch subwoofer has a classic black and gold-like Klipsch design. The front-firing woofer is a spun-copper IMG one. Being lightweight and rigid at the same time, injection molded graphite influences distortion rates possible and cone breakup positively. What it gives else is the increased flexibility of placement options.

The built-in amplifier is an all-digital device that fulfills any environment with high-efficient output without influencing the accuracy of the source signal. The RMS power is about one hundred and fifty watts, while the peak maximum to achieve may reach around three hundred watts.

The frequency response is available from thirty-two to one hundred and twenty Hertz. The function of an automated power-on is present as well.

What consumers appreciate about the model is the ability to customize bass. The ideal balance between low frequencies of this subwoofer will complement the performance of varied speakers of your current system. To increase the compatibility during linking series of devices, the producer has equipped the unit with low pass crossover, gain, and phase controls. The voltage capacity necessary for stable work fluctuates from one hundred to two hundred and forty volts.

  • Thrilling performance
  • Incredibly deep bass
  • All-digital amplifier
  • Relatively lightweight
  • There may be difficulties when connecting this sub with old amplifiers
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Earthquake Sound CP8 Couch Potato Slim 8-Inch Subwoofer

For those who are waiting to receive a more unique offer than rather standard box-type subwoofers, the model by Earthquake Sound is likely to become a great alternative. It will definitely add special chic to your room. This eight-inch woofer is distinguished with its design — it is only seven inch in height. Elegant and slim are the best epithets to describe the unit’s appearance. Making the purchase on Amazon, individuals are enabled to save up thirty percent of the price.

The dimensions chosen enlarge the number of the placement options. Why not put it somewhere behind the bed or the sofa? In this perspective, customers can maximize the functionality of the space available.

The inner world of this sub is not less impressive. The manufacturer has received several awards for the development of this model. Among them, there is the International CES Innovations Design and Engineering Showcase Honoree title.

Like other products on the list, the CP8 has a built-in digital amplifier. The maximum RMS rate possible is three hundred watts. Although this class A/B amplifier doesn’t make the machine into the most powerful amongst competitors, its performance is more than enough to be implemented into a home theater system without a hassle.

The list of advantageous features includes a phase inverting switch, as well as a selective variable crossover. With them, users are supposed to adjust the sound reproduction to the most desirable level.

With a set of inputs, including an RCA level one, the compatibility is high. The closer to the recipient this sub is, the more powerful and faster the bass produced will seem to be.

  • Intuitive setup
  • Great adjustment and customization features
  • Excellent tactile response
  • Space-saving solution
  • It isn’t all-in-one kit (a user manual is included only)
  • The item isn’t returnable
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Buyer’s Guide

Breaking down the greatest way to pick a wonderful subwoofer is just about to start. Stay tuned!

The Right Size

A lot depends on your room’s specifications. If you are going to leave the sub in a relatively small room, then ten- or twelve-inch options will work just fine. To fulfill that space with deep bass, at least one hundred watts RMS are required. You may use not the full functional capacity of your sub, but the room for modifications is always better to have.

The next scenario may take place too. Let’s assume your room is designed with open walls to the rest of the building. Correspondingly, the sub to select should be bigger and more powerful.

Another point is the size of the speakers you have. It is a nice option to give your preference to something similar in dimensions (and maybe style).

Power Capacity

Of course, you may spend thousands of dollars for a device with hundreds of watts at your disposal. But that is likely to be simply unnecessary for your objectives. Check the sizes of your room, where your home theater system is or will be located. That is where you should begin decision-making. It is recommended to consider solutions with at least one hundred watts of RMS. Don’t forget that the figures of peak power may be excluded from your considerations without regret.

Wired vs. Wireless Pieces

In this case, the crucial meaning belongs to the quantity of elements in your system. If you don’t like to overwhelm the present equipment with any more wires and cables, then wireless tools are better to select. But don’t forget that you should pay attention to their installation requirements and how far from the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi source they can actually work, whether the distance influences latency, etc.

Frequency Response

When you deal with subwoofers, the minimal line of frequencies people can hear is approximately twenty Hertz, but what we can feel reaches around ten Hertz. It is up to you to decide how low the frequency range you would like to be. If the lowest point is more than twenty-five or thirty Hertz, it is better to look for an alternative option. With such a result, you won’t achieve the desirable bass punch.

Down-Firing vs. Front-Firing Woofer

The names are self-explanatory and define what the facing of the main driver is. Down-firing devices have their facing towards the floor, while their substitutions — forward. Frankly speaking, you won’t spoil the home theater system performance, regardless of which item you will select. There is only advice for users. If the distance between your speakers and subs will be minimal, then front-firing tools are more recommended.


Is a subwoofer necessary for my home theater system?

The simple answer is that a dedicated subwoofer will do more job for your bass than any speakers, which are designed to support mid and high frequencies more. As a result, the sound will achieve deeper and richer notes, and that will definitely improve your experience of listening to favorite music or watching action movies, etc. What is more, the presence of such an element in the system allows users to get a bigger and more accurate control over the audio performance as a whole.

When should I buy a new subwoofer for my home theater equipment?

Check how accurate and stable performance of what you have is. Without a doubt, you will see the difference, especially when worsening of the sound reproduction is on the go. On average, a really good subwoofer can last for more than twenty years. A lot depends on how matched the solutions are to each other. Consider woofers which are capable of blending with full range speakers.


People that adore improving their home theater devices will not miss the opportunity to select a functional and durable subwoofer. The more accurate bass reproduction is, the longer the system will survive in general. Just check the top-5 of the best woofer models and enjoy deep music flow here and now!

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