It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or an expert user, you are not protected from installation issues to the full extent. The number of wires to connect may seem overwhelming, and the need to ensure you haven’t missed anything essential is likely to spoil the overall experience from listening to your home theater system. However, there is a way out. With the help of wireless subwoofer kit, customers can forget about challenging setups and add a new product to their systems without difficulty.

Just stay tuned to find out more about the offer and which products will help you more than others. Onwards!

Editor’s Choice: Quick Comparison

Special Feature
Dimensions (in inches)
Price (in US dollars)
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SVS SPWADAPT Soundpath Wireless Audio Adapter
Full-range wireless connectivity2.2 x 4.2 x 913.1 ounces***
Klipsch WA-2 Wireless Subwoofer Kit

Automatic activation after synchronization is done2.1 x 1.3 x 2.112.8 ounces**
OSD Audio Wireless Subwoofer Transmitter/Receiver Kit
Zero delay time7.01 x 5.51 x 4.171.32 pounds***
BIC America WTR-Sys wireless Transmitter/Receiver Kit
Great compatibility8.27 x 8.27 x 1.971.9 pounds**
DYNASTY PROAUDIO WSA-5RP Wireless Surround Sound Rear Speakers Kit
High-efficient built-in amplifier9 x 9 x 54.29 pounds*

SVS SPWADAPT Soundpath Wireless Audio Adapter

In this review we are going to be taking a look at the best wireless subwoofer kit from SVS. It is a product that is claimed to make your life easier by getting rid of subwoofer placement woes. Besides, the solution gives a great chance to reduce cable clutter. At the same time, the process isn’t connected with sacrificing the performance of your equipment.

Another excellent thing about the unit is that it is capable of transmitting full range CD quality audio signals with ultra low latency and no signal drop-out. Looking at the specifications, the frequency response available is in the range from six to twenty-two thousand Hertz.

The latency level is less than 25.5 milliseconds. In simple terms, the latter notion is used to describe a period of delay which occurs between the cause and the effect of a particular action. In this case, it is a time necessary for the kit to react to user’s manipulations in a corresponding manner. With the frequency band that reaches 2.4 GHz, the solution is compatible not only with subwoofers. Besides, it will be pretty functional for such devices as loudspeakers, home theater surround equipment, and even amplifying gadgets.

The Soundpath adapter sends a sixteen-bit signal for better sound quality. Just one transmitter can support up to three receivers or six individual speakers. With the help of the kit, you will keep the consistent sounding of the bass, and there will be no performance issues after continual listening periods.

This engineering piece is created to offer consumers a hassle-free setup, and it really works to promote free placement of your equipment. This is especially helpful when you don’t have enough space for all the necessary elements and would like to get rid of extra wires and connections.

This Amazon’s Choice product also pleases the target audience with its affordable price. At the end of the day, it is a great deal for those who would like to get what they pay for and even more.

  • Simple installation
  • Excellent compatibility
  • Ability to drive several devices simultaneously without quality losses
  • Consistent bass response
  • No considerable drawbacks found
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Klipsch WA-2 Wireless Subwoofer Kit

On the net, you can find dozens of reviews which describe this option as one of the best wireless subwoofer transmitter/receiver kits, and our opinion doesn’t differ great from the mentioned statement. The product under analysis has been put to the test several times, and the results have been magnificent. Without a doubt, if you are looking for a device to live up the customers’ expectations and objectives, that is the right shot.

When working with the model by Klipsch, there will be no noticeable delay in the bass. Moreover, the quality of the bass reproduction doesn’t alter and is the same even after a prolonged use term of the kit. There is no need to worry about signal drop-out issues too.

According to research and customers’ feedback, even after moving the subwoofer and the transmitter further away from each other, for instance, in different corners of the room, you will face any issues with the sound quality of the system and worsening in performance and operation ease.

The feature to adore is the general compatibility of the kit. If a sub is equipped with a so-called WA port, you will be able to link them together. Apart from Klipsch solutions, there are matching models from Jamo, Mirage, and Energy. You can connect up to four different gadgets simultaneously.

The kit comes with all the necessary elements and details to complement your home theater or audio system. There is one more thing that differentiates this model from numerous others on the market. Unlike other counterparts, this hero will find the receiver automatically after you end with the connection process. There is no need to repeat a well-known “pairing” procedure over and over again.

  • Great commutability
  • Plug-and-play functionality
  • Simplified setup
  • It is a bit pricey
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OSD Audio Wireless Subwoofer Transmitter/Receiver Kit

When trying to find the best and most universal wireless subwoofer kit, the first thing to pay attention to is the placement flexibility. This model can boast of its marvelous placement flexibility. With the help of a signal transition at a 5.8 GHz rate, the line of sight to achieve turns out to be enormous — up to one hundred and fifty feet. At the same time, the steady bass sound is preserved at any distance from the signal source (in the present range, of course).

All you need to start using this mechanism is access to electricity. If there is a special outlet nearby, you can start enjoying excellent subwoofer performance anytime. Please note there is no need to place the device in a visible location. What does it mean? The puzzle can be solved easily: you can simply hide the transmitter. The equipment under consideration will send signals through walls and cabinets. In this perspective, customers can place it anywhere they want, even in another room, and not worry about the risks of sound quality losses — they are simply eliminated by the unique engineering.

One of the best features about this piece is a zero delay time. The manufacturer has equipped the solution with a special chip set. The main function of the latter is to ensure an instant signal transition. If your goal is to add a new element to your current surround sound system, this equipment will become a genuine lifesaver.

  • Super operation distance
  • Placement flexibility
  • Zero delay time
  • Affordable
  • There may be issues with a fast connection after the system is switched off
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BIC America WTR-Sys wireless Transmitter/Receiver Kit

If you are looking for a wireless subwoofer adapter that has more chances to suit your current system than other models, this solution is exactly what is worth considering. You are welcome to connect this kit to any device which is equipped with an RCA or a 3.5 mm connector. In this perspective, the list of options available for linking can boast of different PCs and Mac, mobile devices, A/V receivers, but not subwoofers only.

The range of work is around eight feet if unobstructed. It is a little smaller if obstructed — up to sixty feet. Either way, the manufacturer guarantees that the chances to face drop-outs, delays, or any sort of signal interference are eliminated.

Of course, this solution will become a great product for those consumers who are not ready to solve wiring issues. With a wireless hook-up on the go, users achieve a higher degree of transportation, storage, and placement freedom.

The kit’s content includes all the required elements to ensure the easy and smooth installation. There are two powerful adapters, which guarantee a prolonged performance of the unit. The Velcro strips offered are a key if you would like to minimize access to the wires and cables from the kit. What is more essential, after you are done with a quick setup, you are welcome to enjoy music of a perfect CD quality from anywhere in your home.

  • Outstanding compatibility
  • Wire range of work
  • Smooth setup
  • Four-channel system
  • There may be issues with extra popping noises
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DYNASTY PROAUDIO WSA-5RP Wireless Surround Sound Rear Speakers Kit

According to several wireless subwoofer kit reviews, the best solution is the one that includes all the necessary installation elements in the box, and this one is exactly the same. The package contains not just the transmitter itself, but also a special receiver with adapters, installation cables, an owner’s manual, and two stands. With the help of the latter, it is easy not just to transport the equipment, but to store it as well.

The kit includes a high efficiency amplifier, and this is a unique and missing element for various other models. It is a two-channel device which is capable of delivering fifty watts RMS at four ohms. Taking into account it is a class D unit, it will only contribute to the sound quality of your system. The main goal of the element is to maintain the direct connection of the transmitter to any rear surround sound and passive bookshelf loudspeakers.

The line of sight is up to one hundred feet (it is around thirty meters). The manufacturer has applied the latest wireless audio technology to make sure no other signals like Wi-Fi waves will interfere and spoil the system’s performance.

The latency degree is less than seventeen milliseconds. The level of total harmonic distortion is less than one percent, while the signal-to-noise ratio is not more than eighty decibels.

The overall durability of the model is complemented by the use of premium output connectors. However, the kit is a bit cumbersome and heavyweight. Besides, it is the most expensive product on the list. So it is up to you to decide whether the game is worth the candle in your particular case.

  • Smooth installation
  • Great operation distance range
  • All-in-one kit
  • Built-in amplifier
  • Premium price tag
  • Heavyweight
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Buyer’s Guide

Shopping should bring only positive emotions. To make sure your experience with wireless subwoofer kits won’t be more of a disaster, consider the following quality indicators in your final decision-making:

  • Design and build quality — apart from checking how reliable the manufacturer is, don’t hesitate to google which materials are applied and how durable they turn out to be. In this perspective, customers’ reviews will help you a lot.
  • Installation — without a doubt, the main goal of this type of the product is to simplify the setup process and reduce the quantity of wires or cables necessary to make the system work. Of course, a lot of procedures can be understood intuitively, but when the tool is capable of driving a couple of devices simultaneously, it is better to recheck if your ideas match with what is written in the owner’s manual.
  • Compatibility — a lot depends on your final aim, actually. It is worth taking into account how many tools will be connected to the chosen transmitter and which types of connectors are present in the equipment you have. This will help you make the choice assortment not so general.
  • Operation distance — a wide range of kits are designed to work at a particular distance from a linked device. However, the more the line of sight is, the more placement freedom you will achieve at the end.
  • Latency — of course, you can’t but check what specifications this or that model has. One of the must-check patterns is the time delay for signals to be transmitted.


Which frequency band is best to choose?

All the things considered, a perfect option to select is the 5.8 GHz band.

Should I plug in a wireless subwoofer?

A lot depends on which type of subwoofer you have. Active models with a built-in amplifier have to be plugged-in in general, but this option isn’t a must if they are used in a pair with a wireless subwoofer kit. However, passive woofers require to be plugged in when it comes to linking to such kits.


People always desire to avoid complicated learning curves and achieve maximum functionality of the tools and goods without investing a lot of resources. Feel free to give a try to wireless subwoofer kit, especially those from the Editor’s Choice section, — they are designed to contribute to the level of your customer experience and make your life as a home theater system user much easier.

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